Greetings from the LGR Blogwhatever!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

20 GOTO 10

With a growing number of ways to experience Lazy Game Reviews, including, iTunes and (of course) YouTube, I thought it was time to have a place to gather my thoughts and posts and whatnot. Somewhere that’s a bit more… happy than Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, Twitter is just dandy for crap like “Dude, I have a video. Dude, I have a new place for videos. Dude, I have t-shirts. Dude, I have gas.” But it’s not so great for finding stuff that’s organized and useful. Like a nice, crisp drawer of socks. Clean socks. Argyle and two-toned. Lovely socky socks.

So here we are. A place to get the latest, more in-depth than Twitter, LGR happenings. And place for a little inside info on the videos and whatever. A new beginning? Nah. Just a beginning of a commencing to a start to a means which may or may not have an… to uh… wait, what? Brainfart.

Oh well. Here’s my first post and it’s the latest review: The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack. I got up at about 7 in the morning on Tuesday, February 1st of this glorious year of two thousand and eleven to go to Target and grab the expansion. And some pizza.  It was gray, rainy, and somewhat cold. But whatever, that’s how I like it. By 5 PM I had installed, experienced, taken notes, written a review, recorded the footage, recorded my speech, edited it all down and started the rendering process. Only took time to piss and eat that lovely pizza. Dedication, thy name is Lazy Game Reviews. And no, the irony is not lost on this one.


There’s also a YouTube version, which will most likely have more views, but there’s currently no possibility of ad revenue there and I’m somewhat tempted today by the slightly greedy endeavors that blip provides, so I’d appreciate views on the above embed instead! That is all.


3 comments on “Greetings from the LGR Blogwhatever!

  1. 133MHz says:

    Great to see you on WordPress dude! I’ll surely enjoy reading about the deeper, more technical side of things that you usually leave out of your videos. As a former PC gamer I absolutely love your collection and all the neat stuff you’re constantly getting.

    Please check out my own WordPress blog when you have the chance. Thanks!

  2. BrunoB says:

    Do you know flattr? it’s an option you might want to explore if you’re trying to get some revenue:

    Also you could post just a preview on youtube, with a link to, like the avgn does

    • I have not tried Flattr, although I’ve heard of it and it seems like a neat idea. Thanks for reminding me of the service, I’ll give it a more serious look!

      I’m also thinking of doing the previews/trailers thing, although personally I find them a bit annoying as a viewer. Still, it might come to that eventually. If anything, perhaps I’ll have the videos on for a while, then upload them to YouTube later on – also taking a cue from the AVGN. Oh well, lots of idea and lots to try.

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