Apple IIgs and ADTPro Ramblings

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

First off, I was donated an Apple IIGS computer system from Canada recently by a fellow YouTuber, Dave. It arrived in nice condition, but for the keyboard which had a few keys shattered. Yes, shattered. First time I’ve ever seen that happen! Knocked off, yes, but shattered? Ah well.

Anyways, it came with one piece of software: Rastan. And it’s a danged fine game, but I want more, dang it. So I got a game on eBay for a couple bucks, which it turns out is still sealed: the arcade conversion of “Moon Patrol” by Atarisoft. Strange thing is, it came in a very small box. At least, it was small in comparison to the IBM PC Atarisoft games I’d come into contact with before. This was a surprise, to be sure. I wonder what the connotations were of Apple having a significantly smaller package? The disks are both 5.25″, so that has nothing to do with it.

I really want to play it since I don’t have any Apple II games at all, but… it’s still freaking sealed! So I figured I’d just make a quick copy of the disk from a *.DSK image using ADTPro. I’ve heard nothing but good about the free program, so I ordered a serial cable for the thing and an ADTPro diskette. I got the disk and cable today, hooked everything up and… nothing. The server and client both just hang. I’m using real serial ports and everything, none of that USB conversion crap, and still nothing. Windows XP version, DOS version, nothing. Not. A. Thing. Just constant errors or a loop of timeouts. Blegh. Posting to the ADTPro forums, hoping Master Schmidt will respond.

I just wanna play some Apple II games! Moon Patrol, Oregon Trail, Arkanoid… and some Out of this World for the IIgs! Farts.


2 comments on “Apple IIgs and ADTPro Ramblings

  1. D. Drako says:

    need a null modem adapter on the cable between pc and apple II GS

  2. […] (Twitter, YouTube, etc.). The site got off to a great start, with a two-part series on getting an Apple IIGS with ADTPro up and running. He quickly followed up with a feature of similar interest to Apple II hobbyists: an […]

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