Apple IIgs+ADTPro=Eventual Success!

Friday, February 4th, 2011

After spending far too long on this over the past two days (10 hours or so?) I finally had a bit of a breakthrough. A complete one actually, and there is no better kind.

My issue was that ADTPro on my Windows XP box was absolutely not working. It would “see” the IIgs, it would “see” that it is requesting directory listings and requests for file receiving, but it wouldn’t go through with any of it. It was like the guy who wouldn’t take the hint that his girl wants to get busy, so he just kept on watching re-runs of M*A*S*H. Also tried ADTDOS (ADT2007) on another machine with Windows 98SE, still nothing. Closer to success, at least I could bootstrap ADTDOS and such, but it still would do nothing with disks. Error: not a 16 sector disk. Shut up.

After hours late last night banging my head against the grains I went to bed, pathetically dreamed about it, woke up and started again from another perspective. I would try bootstrapping esDOS. Nope, have to do that with ADTPro, which still didn’t want to do jack and couldn’t get over Alan Alda’s awesomeness. So, in desperation, I tried something that I was specifically “told” NOT to try: clicking the little checkbox in “serial settings” that said “IIc w/ Imagewriter cable”.

And guess what. It worked. First time, easy as American apple pie (which actually isn’t that easy to make, it turns out).

Talked to Master Schmidt on the ADTPro Help Forums through all this, and on this revelation he seemed nearly as surprised as me! “It is the interaction between the serial port on the XP machine and the handshaking lines of the null modem cable. That’s what the tickbox changes.” Well, all righty then. Forgive me if in this case I’m not so much interested in the “why” but rather the “HOLY CRAP IT’S WORKING”.

And as proof, here is Moon Patrol working quite happily on the IIgs. I didn’t have to open my sealed copy after all!

Moon Patrol working on the IIGS, after much blood and sweat...


2 comments on “Apple IIgs+ADTPro=Eventual Success!

  1. linuxlove says:

    I see you’re missing a few keys there 😀

  2. hitachi8 says:

    Nice Computer by the way .

    Thank you , with your article , i finally found the game i was looking for years (Moon Patrol) . Tell me if you need some Old RAM (30pin ,72pin) , i would be happy to help you .

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