“Concerning the Future of LGR” Video Uploaded

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Just uploaded a quickly-made video in regards to the future of Lazy Game Reviews. Mostly covering this blog, blip.tv, YouTube page, etc. It’s only on blip right now, but it should be automatically uploaded to the YouTube channel soon! This is also a test of blip’s distribution system for YouTube, so if it doesn’t work I’ll be uploading it to YouTube manually.

Enjoy! Or don’t. If anything the ending, I think, is worth it.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKhuWEA%5D

EDIT: Yup, it appeared automatically on YouTube. Freaking cool, I can just upload via FTP from blip and then it will appear on YouTube with no extra work. Here’s the video!


10 comments on ““Concerning the Future of LGR” Video Uploaded

  1. Shiqna1 says:

    I don’t really know anything or understand about this “youtube partnership” thing, and if it has something to do with money, I don’t want to. But anyways, I am just curious about if you agreed to what it says on blip.tv signup-page (I wanted to sign up, but as I WANT to show video game recordings, I can’t):

    “I understand that I may not upload copyrighted third-party content, pornography, advertising, network marketing and MLM schemes, video game recordings or other prohibited content.”

    Yes, it clearly says that you may not upload video game recordings. What is your take on that?

    Things like this puzzle me a bit, so if you could clarify this matter, I might understand what’s going on, hehe. Thanks anyways for your videos and for doing so many of them. That Acorn review was a neat surprise after such a long time of no retrocomputer-reviews.

    • Correct, they do not allow plain old video game uploads. However, that’s not what I upload: I upload game reviews. This is also directly from Blip:

      “Our Terms of Service ( http://blip.tv/tos ) prohibit the upload of raw game footage to blip.tv. However we do allow gameplay footage to be used within a show as long as there is some additional content: i.e. commentary or review.”

      So I’m definitely covered on Blip, and in fact they seem to encourage the uploading of reviews according to posts on other areas I’ve seen of their site!

  2. John says:

    Hi Clint. I left a message on YouTube a while ago about donations, as in physical rather than monetary ones. As you don’t have a contact page I’m hoping you get this message here; with your so many manifestations all over the interwebs now it’s hard to know how to get in touch!
    So, do you have a page listing all your haves and wants for hardware and software? I may have some things to donate (you seem to prefer or are better dealing with lots of STUFF EVERYWHERE) but I don’t know if you want them or already have them.
    Please let me know and we’ll go from there, think of it as my (potential) gratitude for all the videos I’ve enjoyed.
    Cheers, John.

    • I have a contact email listed on my YouTube page. It’s “podphreak ((at)) thebasingers.com”

      Thanks for watching the show and getting in touch through here, look forward to hearing more from you soon dude!

  3. Robert says:

    I’m glad to see that you’re continuing to expand. You’re an excellent reviewer and entertainer who honestly deserves more respect and recognition than today’s “AVGN” clones that seem to be flooding the internet. I’ll continue to support you by watching, subscribing, and donating whenever I can. Keep up the good work!

  4. ZAR says:

    Finally! No more youtube-membership whatever required to post a comment! 🙂

    Just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your reviews!

    Oh, and I’m even one of those older people who “experienced” the late 70’s and 80’s and their (now vintage) computers first hand. 😉

    Best regards,

  5. tossabaddle says:

    I would buy some t-shirts and a mug and maby a cap, but seeing how I live in NORWAY, it might become a little to expensive, as of this moment. But do not dispair. I will buy something, sometime, becuase it is indeed quite funny. And cool, in a nerdy kind of way.

    Keep up the good work! World domnation(or somthing like that) is close at hand!


  6. FooAtari says:

    Hey Clint,

    Just to let you know, I think that having your shows on Blip is a good move IMO. The interface on Blip is much cleaner and easier to use and as you said videos are slightly higher quality. Also can subscribe to channels via RSS, which is great as Subscriptions in YouTube is a bit broken, so think I’ll be watching your videos on Blip from now on.

    Also seems to offer the you a better deal with regards to advertisement revenue than YouTube does, so seems like a win win all round!


    • Awesome, thanks for the feedback! I really hope it is seen by the majority that way, as I feel the same in regards to the interface and the RSS feeds and all the other little things that add up to, IMO, a better overall experience.

  7. Shiqna1 says:

    Hey, thanks for the explanation, I was kinda wondering about that.

    “..prohibit the upload of raw game footage to blip.tv. However we do allow gameplay footage to be used within a show as long as there is some additional content: i.e. commentary or review.””

    This is a bit weird and inconsistent though – I don’t understand why the same exact video is ok if someone talks in the background, but not ok if there is no talking..

    I mean, I can understand certain restrictions (as much as I hate them, people and information want to be free!), as long as they make sense. But this doesn’t really seem to.

    Also, I wonder if that ‘raw game footage’ means footage that is just recorded directly from the game, as opposed to for example the kind that I like to film, utilizing an actual camera.

    I think they should have at least some kind of statute of limitations on that – I mean, why would ANYONE mind if some game that is made in 1983 is being recorded with a camera just for fun? This world worships soulless corporations too much, and thinks about their feelings all the time.. it really restricts the human freedom – the freedom of actual living beings.

    Also, what if you are a freeman-on-the-land – such rules shouldn’t then apply anyway to you .. ?

    Anyways, I considered that blip-thing, but this game-recording-prohibition really made me change my mind, along with the fact that it seems to be very money-oriented site, and I hate money (all it is is -debt-, really – it’s not backed up by anything tangible anyway).

    Thanks anyways for the cool videos, these new blog things and such – it all looks very promising! I just don’t want to use that blip-option – I rather watch the youtube versions.

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