Atarisoft Larger Boxes

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

First things first (natch, where else would they be?) I would like to thank everyone for the support regarding this page, blip, and LGR in general! Along with lots of kind words of encouragement, both public and private, I feel that I’m making a pretty solid move expanding the places to watch the show and experience stuff. And there were even a few donations thrown in as a result, of several different kinds, so I thank you all HUGELY for those – you know who you are, even if I don’t. It’s simply awesome and still catches me off guard when I see this kind of support and generosity.

In other news, my continued quest for Apple II-related knowledge is… continuing. Questly. I posted the other day on Twitter about how I found it strange that the Atarisoft games for the Apple II were so much smaller than the IBM PC versions I’d seen before. I had only seen pictures of the boxes online before coming into possession of Moon Patrol and was shocked to see it was so small! After making a joke about what it must have meant for IBM to have such a much larger package than Apple, I ran across this auction photo on eBay:

Apple II Atarisoft Boxed Lot

Odd. It appears Atari did indeed have the larger boxes for Apple II computer games! I wonder if perhaps the smaller ones are later editions? Or if perhaps they just started using smaller boxes for the later arcade ports, like Moon Patrol, Galaxian and Battle Zone. I’m really unsure, but I do know that around the time of those smaller-box games being released (1983) Atari was having some serious trouble as far as money and evil overlords. Could explain something… like maybe the boxes shrunk out of pure fear.

Hopefully I’ll find out soon enough, since I went and bought the whole lot. Seemed like an awesome deal for a sealed lot like that, and I simply adore Atarisoft games. Great ports, they are. Unless they’re one of the few that suck. And those brightly-colored boxes are simply rad to place around the room, like cuboid geeky Matryoshka dolls. Looks like I’ll be able to unbox a Moon Patrol box after all!


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