Revisiting Old Reviews?

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I’ve been uploading many of my older reviews to blip/iTunes/etc in the past several days and doing so has got me thinking… should I perhaps “revisit” some of my older reviews?

Personally, I don’t want to pull a George Lucas and “remaster” all of my old stuff just because it’s old and I think I can do it better now. Comparing my reviews to Star Wars is ludicrous, yes, but maybe you get what I’m trying to say. If there’s no need, why bother?

The thing is, I’ve found that several of my older reviews were encoded in weird aspect ratios or weird codecs that blip doesn’t like. Some of them also only have audio in the left channel and not the right. Some of them also have video that was incredibly choppy due to the method I was using to transfer VHS video back then. I can’t really upload these to in my right mind, so I’m at least going to have to fix some technical issues before I upload them anyway.


But the question is: should I do more than that? There are several of my past videos I felt didn’t do the subject matter justice. Like my Ikari Warriors video had incorrect information regarding the controls and its EGA mode. My Kings of the Beach review wasn’t much of a review at all, but was more of a rant on why I don’t like volleyball, and I also didn’t show the PC version as much as I thought I should have. My Atari 2600 and VIC-20 review have some very shoddy audio and the overall tone of those reviews don’t completely fit in with my system reviews after that. So should I remake these? I’d leave the old ones around for posterity on YouTube most likely, but for blip I’d like to have a more congruent feel to the videos. I dunno, just thoughts that I would appreciate any feedback on. I know it’s ultimately up to me just do what I find fun, blah blah blah everyone says that but everyone also has an opinion. Give em to me! πŸ™‚


22 comments on “Revisiting Old Reviews?

  1. Foxhack says:

    Fix them.

    Really, I hate it when people upload crappy videos to Blip. :p

  2. bryce frier says:

    interesting thought. i say go for it. wanting to redo some of your vids for the reasons you gave is a smart move. very professional. but take your time with it. don’t wanna get too much going at the same time.

    • Thanks. And I’m certainly going to take my time with them, as I have (almost) too many other videos on my plate already! If there’s one thing this whole “making videos” experience has taught me, it’s to put your best work out first so there’s no regrets later. If you’re trying to rush crap, it’s going to look rushed. If it’s worth delaying it’s worth delaying!

  3. Xaromir says:

    Do what you must, but don’t change it if it works. I guess blip does also have something like captions, if there is an error, just correct it that way, no big deal in my opinion. If something got a exceptionally bad picture, shoot it again, if the audio is just off you maybe can do a new audio layer.

    Just see to it that you don’t stress yourself to much, i know how easy it can be to burn out at times. I certainly appreciate what you are doing, and i wouldn’t like it if there wouldn’t be something new for a long time because you spend a week nonstop re-doing old stuff. One by one when ever the heck you feel like it. πŸ™‚

    • It’s mainly video and audio issues that I’m concerned about. They were encoded in 720×480 anamorphic instead of 853×480 with square pixels, which ends up looking like a scrunched-up 4:3 image instead of 16:9. Also, the video and audio quality are very low, with lots of dropped frames and erroneous codec issues, and the “p”, “c” and “k” sounds in my speech are awful and end up peaking over the threshold, resulting in noise that’s just grating. Otherwise, I’d just stick to some kind of annotations.

      But yeah, I’m definitely taking my time. This is way on the back burner, so whenever I get free time with nothing else to do these may crop up. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. John says:

    So wait, you’re going to NOT be lazy to improve your old Lazy Game Reviews? Pshh to that I say, onwards and upwards is what I also say!

    • That’s one way to look at it! Like I said, it’s simply an idea at this point, as the focus is most certainly on the future, not the past. It’s just a couple of videos people have specifically requested be uploaded to blip are of annoyingly low quality. So maybe I will, maybe not, just brainstorming πŸ™‚

  5. Trixter says:

    I think you should do whatever makes you happy — like the LGR videos themselves. I, like you, would cringe at uploading something with obvious codec issues, so I would personally revisit some of them were it my show.

    However, as bryce mentioned, don’t go too crazy — there is real life to be had inbetween reviews. Based on your twitter posts, I noticed you were working on a review in the middle of the day for roughly four hours — hope you’re not calling in sick at work just to do the videos…

    • Ha, no calling in sick, I haven’t gone that crazy yet. I just work on them whenever I get the time, usually a few hours on every other day off. Although thankfully I have a job with quite a bit of downtime at certain times, so I get to work on my reviews a little bit there as well (writing them, mostly).

      But yeah it’s mostly “quality control” I’m wondering about, so I won’t be overburdening myself with this stuff! I’m just thinking it could be fun to revisit one or two old reviews so I’ll probably do that sometime, and was looking for input on that mainly.

  6. Van Darkholme says:

    Fixing the technical issues is for sure worth doing, but I’m not so sure about how you want to revisit and re-review some things. It might be a good idea to have a new section tacked onto a video where you wanted to do this, rather than completely replacing them. You might also want to consider just doing a whole new video sometime for revisiting reviews, so that you can avoid confusion with two different versions of the review for the same thing floating around. If you do add content to/replace a video on blip only you might want to throw out a real quick heads up on youtube or the blog, too, to avoid leaving youtube viewers in the dark.

  7. ZAR says:

    I like the old videos the way they are! They clearly show your development. It’s like a chronology.

    Oh, and another thing – your voice impressions are hilarious! You should do a whole video e.g. reviewing something as Duke Nukem! Well, maybe not in full parody mode like AVGN, but something silly from time to time like Ashens.

  8. ZAR says:

    On another note:

    It would be nice to see a rating list of your videos here! Or just ask the people which video they like most/least.

    My personal favourite is the A-Train review (very strange as I never played or even liked the game very much). It’s the perfect amalgamate of music, narration and graphics. I guess it comes closest to your personal definition of “lazy” – which translates into “relaxed” and “suave”.

    My least favourite review… hm, maybe the Sims-stuff since I’m not a lot into the game. But this is more on the basis of “do I care” then “is it good”.

    And the Minecraft-video is also very funny, but, no please, don’t do a whole series! πŸ˜‰


  9. BobbyLeChimp says:

    I think you should totally go for it! Audio and video issues as well as choppy playback aren`t something I would call nostalgic. In fact I am curious what the “new old” videos will be like. A revisiting in some sort of commentary way in which you don`t only change the video as it is but also show your awareness of your former mistakes would be fun!

    As long as you don`t take it way too seriously and completely change the feel of your videos everything will be fine.
    I realy enjoy your laid back view on games and use to watch one or two of your videos when I come home from nightshift just to relax!

    • Actually, the whole “self-awareness” thing was something I had considered. Like, I could have a “new me” come in for rebuttal or correction on points that I got wrong or left out. Heh, I don’t know, but I know it wouldn’t be the “standard fare” whatever I do (or don’t do)…

  10. Robert says:

    If it were me, I would revisit the hardware, solely on the fact that there are less hardware to review than software. (Those ARE the most popular videos on your page, anyway.) There’s thousands of more software you need to review, and I don’t think one or two past software reviews that couldn’t make the jump to should slow you down in doing so. Just my opinion, though.

  11. FooAtari says:

    I wouldn’t get to hung about it personally.

    I guess I see your point though, uploading some of your old videos to Blip means they may be watched by newer viewers who have only seen some of your recent stuff, which might give a bad impression of your reviews.

    I think the hardware reviews are some of the most informative that you do, so it’s a great idea to have them on Blip. And like you, I wouldn’t be very happy uploading anything I wasn’t 100% happy with. So yeah, as you said, it’s up to you. If you want to do it, I’m sure there will be no complaints, if you don’t, well screw anyone who does moan!

    At the end of the day, it’s all there on Youtube for anyone looking for it, so I would keep your focus on new videos. So many games out there waiting to have their moment πŸ™‚

  12. Mr. H/PC says:

    I think for certain ones it would be a good idea. Personally, I’d like to see you expand on your “Which DOS PC Should You Buy?”. There are so many, yes, but, I’m sure you have some that really stand out to you as good machines. It would also be cool expand that video into the Macintosh arena. (Or perhaps that warrants an entire new video)

    • I’ve also thought about doing a video on my favorite DOS machines. Of course, I went over a couple of those in that video already. Mostly, it’s hard to list stand-out PCs since they’re all pretty generic IBM clones. Some of them stand apart, but that’s because they’re truly different and I’m not sure I’m recommend them as system to buy and use. But yeah, perhaps a video on favorite DOS machines, weird or otherwise, would be cool.

  13. pubesz says:

    My opinion is similar to the others. Just do the necessary and easy to do tweaks (audio), if you must. After all, this IS called “Lazy Game Reviews”. Don’t remake them. They are part of your history, we can look back at them and see the evolution of your work. Remaking them would be like digging up an old corpse and doing new make-up for it. Also it would be the obsessive compulsive thing to do? Are you obsessive compulsive? If you are then sorry, I didn’t meant to be disrespectful, good sir.

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