Cho Aniki Review Video Uploaded

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

This week’s review is now online! And boy, have I got a treat for you if you’ve never seen this game. Even if you have, I’m pretty this is one those gifts that keeps on giving whether you want it to or not.

I was in contact with a YouTuber not too long ago who was selling his TurboGrafx-16 console and some games and I got a deal I think. I was never really into the console before, although I thought it could be fun, I definitely consider myself a fan of the thing now. So I played all the games I got with it, along with several others through Magic Engine emulation. But then I saw the amount of Japanese games for the thing and got curious.

I whipped out the ol’ Wii and got to perusing the Virtual Console for import titles to buy and play. The PC Engine itself is a bit cost prohibitive at the moment, especially with the CD addon, and I wanted to play some games on my TV so it seemed natural. Then I ran across Cho Aniki (sometimes referred to as Chou Aniki) and… wow. Just simply wow. Watch and learn. I thought Parodius had some crazy stuff! And it does. But this is a bit more balls-out “in your face”, I suppose. And there are like, sequels which get even better/worse. Japan, tsk tsk.


The YouTube version is also viewable here.


8 comments on “Cho Aniki Review Video Uploaded

  1. John says:

    Love the new intro (baby)! 8¬D

  2. pubesz says:

    Wow! Super awesome intro! I watch your videos primarily for PC related stuff. But why not, I don’t mind a console game here-or-there, it spices up the usual LGR. Thassalright by me!

  3. ZAR says:

    Japan, Land of Weird Video Games. 😉

    Nice review! And my first thought was Parodius too.

  4. TheManko says:

    I think the world is ready for Gears of War and Halo sequels that parody themselves and go full on gay like Cho Aniki.

  5. Foxhack says:


  6. Xaromir says:

    Creepy – very! I loled so i guess i’m fine. xD
    Awesome intro btw. Duke3D ftw.

  7. Shiqna1 says:

    “Then I ran across Cho Aniki (sometimes referred to as Chou Aniki) ”

    I can explain that. In japanese language, there are double wovels in some words, just like in finnish language, for example. But instead of just simply using two wovels in a row, like the finnish do, the japanese signify a “longer wovel” with an “u” or “i”.

    So, Cho would be a different word than Chou. In Hiragana and Katakana, the ‘u’ after ‘o’ means the ‘o’ is a longer one, and in finnish, it would be written “Choo”. It’s a bit like “sensei”, where the “i” is not something to be pronounced, but instead signifies a longer “e”.

    There are other methods in romaji, however, to signify this longer wovel, like a line on top of the “o”, or simply writing it as “Choo” (some dictionaries accept only this form).

    That is why even words like “Choo”/”Chou” sometimes end up written as “Cho”, because the line on top of the “o” is lost when converted into ASCII et cetera.

    So, I think the real name would actually have the “u” in the name (or some other way to signify that it’s a longer ‘o’ or a ‘double wovel’). I guess it’s best to just read the Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana so you will always get the correct name (but that’s a bit difficult for westerners – I only know about 80 kanji so far, so I can practically not read kanji at all), hehe..

    Things like “arigato” are in fact “arigatou” because of this – same goes for “sayounara” (which is more correct than “sayonara”).

    The weirdest example of how sometimes the wrong form gets to be so popular that everyone starts thinking it is the correct form is perhaps “Tokyo”. It would actually be correctly written “Toukyou”!

  8. FooAtari says:

    Great intro. Hope it stays.

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