Cybernet videos – Mid-90’s Nostalgia

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Yesterday I got an email from a YouTube user, louismostert, asking me to take a look at some videos I might like. I get these kinds of messages all the time, but this instance was one of those that I’m very glad I checked them out.

It turns out they were clips from a TV show called Cybernet. I had never heard of the show before, but it appears to be an English show so that would help explain why. Apparently it was some kind of a gaming news and article program regarding the current computer and console gaming market. Many of them come from 1996 and if you remember that time period, you’ll remember how wild things were quickly becoming and how the PC was hitting its biggest stride ever. There are videos about 3Dfx, making 3D games, E3, N64 rumors, and even game packaging/box art. It’s especially entertaining to hear the predictions of the near future of gaming, like whether or not the new 3D cards for PCs might actually someday surpass consoles like the Sega Saturn in terms of quality. Ha.

Seriously, some really rad stuff here that’s quite entertaining for a quick step back into time, when CD-ROMs, 3D acceleration and the Internet were just starting to see more widespread use. Here are several of my favorite clips:

3Dfx vs. PowerVR Graphics

Video Game Packaging

Virtual World Wide Web

PC vs. Console Gaming


5 comments on “Cybernet videos – Mid-90’s Nostalgia

  1. Foxhack says:

    I already mentioned this at the 3DFX & Power VR video as a comment, but that show was STILL in production at least a couple of years ago. In fact, we used to get that show on one of our cable channels, IN SPANISH, for at least TEN YEARS.

    It was an okay show, but it was always a couple of weeks behind. I always enjoyed watching the older episodes they aired.

  2. PituDitu says:

    So much nostalgia. I watched all game-related materials. Funny how people were so excited about Nintendo 64, and then it has been smashed by ps one and pc’s growing in power. I remember commercials of “Nights”, “Eco the dolphin” and Mario.
    I’m also concerned about how Quake was mentioned as “even the quake looks good with that card”. The same year tomb raider came out. I always thought that Quake was the best-looking game in 96 but it was the year of revolution.
    Also – incoming Turok, first on consoles. Love the mist – shows that super-fast-cards from that days were not capable as someone might thought. Nevertheless, they were awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. fountainhead says:

    Ah, the glorious IT revolution of the mid 90s. I’m so glad I was born early enough to witness it and remember terms like “World Wide Web,” telnet, newsgroups, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. FooAtari says:

    Man, I remember watching this back in day. If remember correctly it used to be on pretty late at night when such ‘niche’ (according to ITV – the channel it was on) programs where normally aired.

    And bring back big boxes dammit. It was much more interesting to browse those than DVD size boxes. And they looked better on your shelf.

    • FooAtari says:

      Ultimate Race, remember that fondly. Got it with my Apocolypse 3D card, that unfortunately used PowerVR that lost badly to 3DFX. You should review that game sometime Clint, if you haven’t already. Hopefully it’s as good as I remember…

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