Moon Patrol Apple II Game Unboxing Video

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Just got seven boxed and sealed Atarisoft games for the Apple II. After getting several requests to do another unboxing video sometime, I figured I may as well unbox Moon Patrol since I now have a duplicate sealed copy. Or rather, I had a dupe sealed copy, now it’s opened, free to be inserted into my IIgs and have its contents ogled by the internet. Plus, I want to review it at some point and what’s the fun in reviewing a game that’s still sealed?


The YouTube version will be online whenever I can get it uploaded, having issues right now. And of course, this week’s review will be up Friday at midnightish and there’s a hint at the end of this video as to the subject!


10 comments on “Moon Patrol Apple II Game Unboxing Video

  1. Crebbs says:


  2. nerka99 says:

    is it me or u left something inside the box? u can see like there is something left there at 3:19

  3. John says:

    Can’t believe that had that damn annoying cellophane wrap even back then, grr. Still, love the box design a lot.

  4. pubesz says:

    Ooh ominous opening, not too shabby! It would be competently awesome souse if you would hint your next review from now on. If you do, then here’s some words of wisdom from Ancient DOS Games ep. 11: Dark Ages: “…make sure the thing you gonna review actually works before you announce that your going to review it.”

    • pubesz says:

      I meant “completely” awesome sauce. Damn spell checker plugin, you failed me again!

    • Very wise words indeed! Haha, that would be bad if it were to happen… thankfully I plan quite far ahead for my review since I do them weekly, so I usually have the next one completed or near-complete by the time I release a video, so hopefully that’s a safeguard in my case.

      And I dunno, “competently awesome souse” does have a certain ring to it 😀

  5. ZAR says:

    I still remember when these games for the Apple II came out. Two friends of mine had Apple II/IIe computers. And they both complained that the games were pretty expensive and a bit “shoddy” compared to the C64 and Atari-versions. (Regarding sound anyway.)

    Ah, well. The old C64 vs. Apple II/IIe times. 😉

  6. Senrew says:

    I’ve got a stack of Apple II software I have lost the desire to play, and I would very much like to dum..donate them to you. I’ve looked everywhere for an e-mail address for you but can’t seem to find one listed anywhere. If you’re interested, e-mail me at (my handle here), or just send me a PM at digitpress by the name of JustRob. I think I have the rest of the A2 Atarisoft line that you’re missing, along with some other miscellaneous games, including a boxed complete copy of the original carmen sandiego. All yours dude. I don’t want it. Let me know.

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