Silpheed DOS Game Review Is Up!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The next Lazy Game Reviews video is lazily online! And yes, several of you guessed correctly: it is Silpheed, the classic home computer shmup from 1986 for the NEC PC88 and 1988 for the IBM PC.

I really have developed a liking to the Game Arts catalog of games in recent years. Really solidly-made stuff and this one’s no exception!


As always, you can see the YouTube version here.


4 comments on “Silpheed DOS Game Review Is Up!

  1. nerka99 says:

    Took you long time to update YT and blog 😉
    Will it be usuall from now on (as: blip 1st then YT and blog 10-12 hours after)?
    Also i saw someone on YT already mentioned YDGGRASIL is not alien word but one from norse mythology 🙂

    • Things will always be on first, yes. I upload the video files there and they are then distributed elsewhere, like YT. It takes some time to transfer from blip to YT.

      But the reason it took so long this time is my computer blew up. I was kind of preoccupied with that, not really in the best of moods to update a blog!

  2. Rita Graça says:

    I thought this game’s name was spelled “silp-heed” not “silf-eed”…

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