This Week’s Review… Ugh

Monday, February 21st, 2011

I just got motion sickness playing the game that is this week’s review. Well, one version of it. See, the game was developed for three different systems with three very different results. The ZX Spectrum version is nauseating, the Amstrad CPC version isn’t too shabby, and the C64 version is possibly the best of the bunch. I dunno, anything but the Speccy port, I’m sorry. Blegh. Even after messing with the in-game settings extensively to slow things down I couldn’t help but feel queasy. It’s just awful. The other ports are fine. Spectrum’s a mess.

So what game am I talking about? I mentioned somewhere online not long ago that all the reviews recorded this month have so far been shooters/shmups, and this is one of those. Also, Hanna-Barbera is involved in its existence. It’s from 1987. Oh, and the Spectrum port is just jacked up.

Here’s one final hint:

First guess wins… my short-lived admiration!


6 comments on “This Week’s Review… Ugh

  1. IBM Watson says:

    What is “Challenge of the Gobots”?

  2. pecet says:

    I don’t know, but judging by the title i thought that you reviewed UGH! for DOS/Amiga 😉

  3. Person says:


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