The Maxis Collection Video Is Online!

Saturday, February 26th, 2011




The three part Maxis Collection video series has been uploaded and is ready for your viewing pleasure!

This series of videos covers nearly every Maxis computer game ever released in America (and some from elsewhere) and is about an hour long in total! Complete with showing of the box art and packaging, catalogs, media, history, trivia and random other fun stuff. At least, fun if you’re into collecting or classic computer software. I am, in case you weren’t aware, so personally I think this is pretty rad.

Thanks to alanw3000 for the intro!


8 comments on “The Maxis Collection Video Is Online!

  1. Trixter says:

    Content aside, I like the new intro, if a bit spooky. What software and effects did you use to create it?

    • No, not those. Those are the Infogrames European releases. The one that is hard to find is the one shown in the video: the original American Maxis mail-order release. Note that all information in these videos comes from an American perspective and relates to American versions unless otherwise specified. Europe and RoW is an entirely different story 🙂

  2. Foxhack says:

    … What IS the deal with your Duke Nukem impersonation? 😛

    • Haha, I dunno. Something to do with that fact that I hit puberty around the time Duke3D came out, I already loved Duke from 1 &2 and was playing the crap out of DN3D so impersonating Duke came naturally I guess!

  3. Clayton says:

    Oh man, you have to play more of Sim Park, it was my favorite game to play in the computer labs at school!

  4. Jasper says:

    I missed SimCity 4. I guess that wasn’t a Maxis title…didn’t know. Curious of your opinion on that game though…Greets

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