The Sims Medieval – Video Review

Thursday, March 24th, 2011


After approximately too much time, I’ve finished the review of The Sims Medieval and it is now available for your consumption.

Battling sickness and a slightly uncomfortable chair, this review was an unusually “unlazy” one. Lots of time playing the game, taking notes, writing, recording, re-recording, grabbing footage and editing. Although the rendering took no time at all this time, thanks to my new CPU. Only 16 minutes to render the 15 minute 720p H.264 video in Adobe Encoder, so that’s awesome.

Anyways, hopefully you all enjoy. This was a fun little refresher in between “real” Sims games and I know craptons of people have requested a medieval-period Sims game for years. It’s pretty much Life/Pet/Castaway Stories set in the middle ages, but hey, what did you expect? Lots of tasty Maxis-style humor and references to all sorts of pop culture medieval stuff with enjoyable graphics and gameplay made it a fun distraction. But I think I’ve had enough Maxis gaming for a while.


6 comments on “The Sims Medieval – Video Review

  1. nerka99 says:

    it tells me that this video is no longer available 😛

  2. tea_and_blues says:

    Hmmm. Far too charitable, I think. I mean, there is a lot of gameplay, but it’s *terrible* and *repetitive* gameplay.

  3. Clayton says:

    You said something about there being better medieval building games. What are some of those?

    • Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim 1 and 2, Europa 1400, The Guild 2, and even the Medieval: Total War, Europa Universalis and Stronghold games to a degree. The first few of those are especially similar to aspects of TSM, with the later ones focusing on larger-scale medieval conquest and kingdom-building.

  4. Robert says:

    Snarky. Seems to be the magic word to describe your reviews nowadays. Maybe you should start calling them “Snarky Game Reviews” instead. 😛

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