GTA4 Taxi Intruder, New Video WIP

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

GTA IV Taxi Intruder

It’s climbing in your windows, snatching your kitchens up…

Seriously, I have no idea what kind of glitch this was. Started up GTA IV for a quick romp through Liberty City today and this happened. No mods, cheats or anything, just plain taxi spawning randomness.

I’m pretty much just chilling before I get to work on this week’s review. It’s going to be a bit different, as there will be more than one game being looked at in the video. In fact, I’ve decided on sort of a “theme” to this month, on purpose this time. February ended up being all shoot-em-ups, March all Maxis stuff, this month will be all… um, edutainment. Or something like that. Basically, games that you’d find in schools, libraries, and places you’d likely find kids (no, not there). Some you’ll no doubt know, some I’d be surprised if you did – this week’s being one of the latter!

Hint for this week’s game(s) – they’re from the late 80’s. One is PC-only, the other also came on the NES. Both are geared toward pre-schoolers. Both have characters that look like toys. One you could say is related to Dalmatians, the other has to do with navigating routes daily.


8 comments on “GTA4 Taxi Intruder, New Video WIP

  1. 2ball says:

    Only thing I’ve played that I can fit into som of “that”(this?) is ‘Jones in the Fast Lane’. But wikipedia tells me that was med in 1990. You should do a review of that if you havent. I remember it as awesome but that doesn’t say a whole lot…
    I really have no Idea what you are talking about. Although I did like the GTA glitch.

  2. Foxhack says:

    Oh god.

    You’re doing that Fisher Price bus one, aren’t you?

  3. C.S. says:

    Hey Phreakindee!
    I have been following your channel since before your reviewed “Ladder” on that snazzy vintage machine, the Kaypro 4\83.

    But here is way I’m posting: Humongous Entertainment!
    Please mention one of those flawless children’s games this month (perhaps “Spyfox in Dry Cereal”?). Think about it: they were made by Ron Gilbert and his friends, and most of them taught basic things such as math, colors and shapes.
    Thank you for such awesome videos. 😉

    • Greetings! Nice to hear from another lurking watcher!

      I love the varying Humongous games! There’s actually one I’ll be reviewing this month, but unfortunately it’s not Dry Cereal – although I do own the game. I’ve yet to give it a playthrough though, but I hope to do so at some point. Yours is actually the third request I’ve had for the game so there must be something to it!

      • C.S. says:

        I just thought of what your clock screenshot means!
        Is is Sammy Snake or another game from that series? Forever ago, I used to play the Sammy Snake and C. Cat and C. Cow games.
        In other news…
        Thank you very much for the quick reply.
        Since you have not played “Dry Cereal” yet I won’t go in to details, but I can say that I am certain you will both love and recognize the “mystery celeberty” who voices Spy Fox himself.
        (*Whisper* In the future, will you also consider “Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon”? I have to say that it was the most charming HE game of them all.) 🙂

  4. Mr.D says:

    Speaking of HE, I saw this (sadly incomplete) retrospective:

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