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The Oregon Trail History & Review Video Is Online!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011


The final video of this Edutainment Month is online! Of course, I had to get The Oregon Trail in there, as it’s just too epic to ignore. I decided to go with a bit more than just a simple review this time, covering the somewhat lengthy history of the game and its revisions as well. Many don’t seem to know that the classic 1985 Apple II version was actually like the fifth game in the series, give or take a few.

YouTube’s being a dick though, as I’ve tried uploading several times but the audio keeps getting cut off near the end. I don’t get it. Blip is just fine. YouTube is crapping out. Whatever, will get it online eventually, it’s just a stupid pain.


SimCity “School Edition” – Video and Extra Info

Friday, April 22nd, 2011


As a follow-up to a previous blog entry, I’ve posted a video of the SimCity School Edition Lab Pack!

As I theorized, this edition of SimCity Classic comes with the regular game but lots of teacher’s aides as well. The Educational Software Toys catalog is a really cool bonus and is something I’ve never even heard of before, so I was totally freaking out internally when I ran across it. “Maxis School Bus” FTW.

I also really find the bland disk labels particularly interesting. Just because it’s educational doesn’t mean it has to be so sterile! I mean, seriously, this was a more expensive version of the game and yet it’s got crappy labels. Awesome. And I didn’t show this in the video, but the disks themselves are of notably lower quality than the retail game’s. Disk number one got stuck in two differing Macintosh machines I tried, due to the cheap metal door which was almost coming off completely after only one use!

The whole package really reeks of cheapness… cheap packaging, cheap disks, cheap labels, cheap quality paper manual, including the DOS version of the addendum instead of the Mac version, etc. Maybe the fact that this was likely from the late 1996 Maxis had something to do with it. After all, cheapness and heightened production was the way things were for many of their games at that point. I’d like to find an educational version from around 1993 to compare.

Another note: I was going to review Putt Putt Goes To The Moon but I simply could not locate the game. I know I have it, I frigging know I do, but it just did not present itself. Shouldn’t have waited so long to look for it, ran out of time, so I went to Plan B. I’ll review it some other time, because it’s actually pretty awesome.

Portal 2 Review

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

WHOAMy reaction after playing Portal 2 all night

“How is it this good? I mean, holy crap. Inconceivable!”

Choose The Next “Lazy Game Reviews” Videos!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Trying something different yet again. For the month of May it will be a “viewer’s choice” for the games I review!

Watch the video above and you’ll see, amongst random GTA IV first-person violene, eight PC games and a short description of each. Well, mostly just the box art, because these are games I haven’t really played. Leave your top four picks in the comments section, either on YouTube, through email, or here on this blog.

By May 1st I will tally the votes and the top four games will be the next games given the lazy video review treatment! At the time of this blog posting I’ve already had over 300 votes, so it’s going to be a pain to tally once it comes around to it… I wish there was a polling system on YT video pages, that would be awesome. Oh well, it’ll just be a session of counting up totals and we shall see how this goes.

Back to Portal 2! Because holy crap, that game is awesome. It’s TRUE!

Word Rescue and Math Rescue Review Video Online!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011


The next video of this Edutainment Month is online! And it turns out this was an obvious choice, judging by the messages I have received requesting these games.

Absolute nostalgic gold, at least to me. Both Word Rescue and its Plus edition are just stupidly special to me. One of the very first games I remember playing, along with Crystal Caves, Commander Keen and Duke Nukem. Man, I really was an Apogee freak, wasn’t I? Then there was Math Rescue, which took things up a notch and switched words for math. Still a totally awesome game, but not as much of a favorite as WR. Whatever the case, it was about freaking time I got to reviewing these epic games. Er, Apogee games.

Treasure Hunt Math Review Video Is Online!

Friday, April 8th, 2011


LGR Education Month continues with Treasure Hunt Math. This is a classic (to me, at least) math-solving shareware MS-DOS game with lots of, um, math. But also several fun mini-games in between levels that make it totally worth trying out, especially if you’re a kid and have to do some math problems. Why not run from crabs and sharks and collect falling coconuts while you’re solving your elementary-level problems? Seriously, this made doing arithmetic fun for me back in 1994 or whatever, and making the review was pretty fun as well. Plus you can print out certificates if you’re awesome enough. That’s just awesome. Enough.


Oh yeah, and there was also another video the other day. I got a Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone (fair to call it that?) recently and have been screwing around with all sorts of awesomeness of the thing. The subject of the video is the best port of DOSBox I have found thus far, most importantly with a virtual keyboard since the Galaxy has no physical board. I try out Word Rescue, the classic Apogee edutainment title, in the video so it’s tying in somewhat to this month’s theme. I’ll be taking a complete look at the game sometime later on.

Fisher Price Games Review Video Is Online!

Friday, April 1st, 2011


Happy Edutainment Month! At least, that’s what it is on Lazy Game Reviews for the month of April.

The past two months inadvertently had themes (shoot-em-ups for February, Maxis games for March) so I figured “why mess with an odd thing” and decided to continue into April with edutainment titles. By edutainment, I mean educational entertainment software. Or pretty much anything geared at kids under age 12 or so. Kind of a broad category, and to demonstrate that is the first review of the month: the Fisher Price trilogy!

Yeah, there are more than three Fisher Price games for MS-DOS. But this is the trilogy of games that I own so I figured I’d do them. I’ve actually wanted to for a couple years now but never had the drive to. Now that I have a self-imposed theme I figured it was about time. So I made the video. And now you’ll watch it(?)