Fisher Price Games Review Video Is Online!

Friday, April 1st, 2011


Happy Edutainment Month! At least, that’s what it is on Lazy Game Reviews for the month of April.

The past two months inadvertently had themes (shoot-em-ups for February, Maxis games for March) so I figured “why mess with an odd thing” and decided to continue into April with edutainment titles. By edutainment, I mean educational entertainment software. Or pretty much anything geared at kids under age 12 or so. Kind of a broad category, and to demonstrate that is the first review of the month: the Fisher Price trilogy!

Yeah, there are more than three Fisher Price games for MS-DOS. But this is the trilogy of games that I own so I figured I’d do them. I’ve actually wanted to for a couple years now but never had the drive to. Now that I have a self-imposed theme I figured it was about time. So I made the video. And now you’ll watch it(?)


3 comments on “Fisher Price Games Review Video Is Online!

  1. TheManko says:

    Yes those games are clearly not voilent enough. I’d like to imagine that all those people you’re rescuing from the second floor are being held there by terrorists so you’re actually working for Rainbow Six and the terrorists are all on the first floor not suspecting anything wrong from the passing firetrucks.

  2. dbozan99 says:

    Like PC Speaker Music? Check out MONOTONE, seriously.
    It even comes with “Never gonna give you up” as a demo song. No Foolin’.

  3. Foxhack says:

    I was kinda hoping you’d start going on a rant about how those thankless kids cost you your job and how you planned on taking all of them out. To pasture.

    But then I realized it would be too creepy for you.

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