Treasure Hunt Math Review Video Is Online!

Friday, April 8th, 2011


LGR Education Month continues with Treasure Hunt Math. This is a classic (to me, at least) math-solving shareware MS-DOS game with lots of, um, math. But also several fun mini-games in between levels that make it totally worth trying out, especially if you’re a kid and have to do some math problems. Why not run from crabs and sharks and collect falling coconuts while you’re solving your elementary-level problems? Seriously, this made doing arithmetic fun for me back in 1994 or whatever, and making the review was pretty fun as well. Plus you can print out certificates if you’re awesome enough. That’s just awesome. Enough.


Oh yeah, and there was also another video the other day. I got a Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone (fair to call it that?) recently and have been screwing around with all sorts of awesomeness of the thing. The subject of the video is the best port of DOSBox I have found thus far, most importantly with a virtual keyboard since the Galaxy has no physical board. I try out Word Rescue, the classic Apogee edutainment title, in the video so it’s tying in somewhat to this month’s theme. I’ll be taking a complete look at the game sometime later on.


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