Choose The Next “Lazy Game Reviews” Videos!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Trying something different yet again. For the month of May it will be a “viewer’s choice” for the games I review!

Watch the video above and you’ll see, amongst random GTA IV first-person violene, eight PC games and a short description of each. Well, mostly just the box art, because these are games I haven’t really played. Leave your top four picks in the comments section, either on YouTube, through email, or here on this blog.

By May 1st I will tally the votes and the top four games will be the next games given the lazy video review treatment! At the time of this blog posting I’ve already had over 300 votes, so it’s going to be a pain to tally once it comes around to it… I wish there was a polling system on YT video pages, that would be awesome. Oh well, it’ll just be a session of counting up totals and we shall see how this goes.

Back to Portal 2! Because holy crap, that game is awesome. It’s TRUE!


3 comments on “Choose The Next “Lazy Game Reviews” Videos!

  1. Xaromir says:

    – Peppers
    – Tunnels
    – Pyro
    – Kristal
    Posted here because i canceled my youtube account. 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Kevin Dady says:

    I am not going to give what you asked for, I have only played corridor 7, and yea its a FPS… and I dont remember that much else about it, and I owned it for a few years if that tells you anything.

    so my vote would be for any of those games except C7, and you need more Apple II games =)

  3. ZAR says:

    While I don’t care much about the other titles Captain Power really interests me.

    If you haven’t had the time to do some research on this title and the television series behind it, here’s my take:

    Mattel tried to enter the interactive video market by producing a television series and some gadgets that would “interact” with what was going on onscreen – during fights. (Some merchandise was also going on.)

    What they got instead is actually the first television series using CGI (although in rather bad quality) on a regular basis. The scripts were mostly done by J. M. Straczynski (of later Babylon 5-fame) who did a pretty good job in turning a brainless action concept into something different. Which turned out to be a serious problem for Mattel!

    Instead of having any success at all nobody really cared about the interactive concept, the (acceptable) video SFX, good costumes and designs and the use of CGI! Instead there were quite a lot of protests by parents about the dark tone and sometimes pretty bleak history of this world and (as always) the amount of violence of a television series aimed at “children”. Well, actually teenagers, but back then (as well as nowadays) most parents will call (and consider) their teenagers children ANYWAY.

    Which led to the early demise of the series (and the interactive play) after only one season.

    Too bad. Season 2 would have been great! JMS still doesn’t talk a lot about this one, which says a lot about his feelings.

    From my own perspective I would recommend it, it’s certainly a guilty pleasure with some interesting ideas, some character and story development… and sometimes lots of cheesy action.

    And it still hasn’t been released on DVD to this day.

    Give it a try if you’re into 80’s television SciFi. If not, well, please review the game anyway! 🙂


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