Portal 2 Review

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

WHOAMy reaction after playing Portal 2 all night

“How is it this good? I mean, holy crap. Inconceivable!”


4 comments on “Portal 2 Review

  1. Xaromir says:

    Not quite as good as the first. I especially got very annoyed because of the ways between the old aperture test rooms, needed less time for the puzzles than for the way to get there. There are also no special challenges after the main game aside from the achievements as you probably noticed; i miss this feature dearly. But it definitely got one of the coolest ends of all times, and story is just unreal. Great game still worth 9.0/10 in my opinion.

    Say, you don’t care for some co op by any chance? 🙂

    • I’m mixed as to whether or not it was as good as the first to me. The first was such a curveball that I had nothing else to compare it to – brilliant in its simplicity and humor. This one definitely has all of that, and lots more (minus advanced puzzles post-game, frick).

      But is the “more” a good thing? To me, it’s at least as good as the first game, although it’s a slightly different kind of good – especially in the later parts of the game. I loved the environments and the feel of the levels of the first game, but this one I am absolutely enamored with and several are still stuck in my mind well after playing them. Just amazing designs and aesthetics. As I’ve said in previous blog postings, “that intangible game feeling” is a huge thing to me and while the first one was amazing as well, this one just hits a little closer to what I enjoy I guess. Especially the last half of the game with C.J.

      Oh, and the defective turrets have become my new favorite Portal “character”. Love those little freaks.

      And feel free to friend me on Steam: it’s phreakindee, of course. I guess if we both happen to be on and free perhaps we can hit something up! I’ve yet to play the co-op campaign, hoping to do so with my brother momentarily.

      • Xaromir says:

        CJ is a instant classic indeed, and this also was a great way to tell a bit about the story behind Aperture which was nice indeed. I also loved getting closer with GLaDOS, that was pretty darn awesome. It’s brilliant no doubt. Something just hit me though: Episodes and Expansions. We know Valve loves those these days, and as much as i hate the concept, i would be quite happy if there would be a little solo expansion with the Atlas and P-Body, maybe then with advanced chambers or a prequel episode with CJ. I also liked that part, just hated the ways between chambers.

  2. kite210 (Steven Jenkins) says:

    I can’t wait to play portal 2, I loved the first game,, and can’t wait to see if GLaDOS is even crazier in this one.

    Here’s hoping they start working on Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

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