The Oregon Trail History & Review Video Is Online!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011


The final video of this Edutainment Month is online! Of course, I had to get The Oregon Trail in there, as it’s just too epic to ignore. I decided to go with a bit more than just a simple review this time, covering the somewhat lengthy history of the game and its revisions as well. Many don’t seem to know that the classic 1985 Apple II version was actually like the fifth game in the series, give or take a few.

YouTube’s being a dick though, as I’ve tried uploading several times but the audio keeps getting cut off near the end. I don’t get it. Blip is just fine. YouTube is crapping out. Whatever, will get it online eventually, it’s just a stupid pain.


4 comments on “The Oregon Trail History & Review Video Is Online!

  1. Foone says:

    Regarding the audio issue: I think it’s an issue in the video itself. I first downloaded the WMV from blip and watched it locally with Totem, and the audio completely cut out at that point (around 11:03, I think). VLC did the same.

    When I watched online with blip, I was able to watch to the end, but I did notice the audio glitched out for a second there at that same point.

    • Thanks for the info! I think that’s just the blip-specific upload then, because the original file is flawless (it’s an MP4, not a WMV, so the one you grabbed is converted). I’ve checked and re-checked it several times and it’s fine. I’m assuming at this point it’s either an issue with blip (since blip sends my videos to YT) and/or an issue with my connection somehow corrupting the upload.

      • Foone says:

        Sorry, I was misremembering what format I watched. It was the MP4, and there’s definitely something wrong at 11:20-11:24. VLC, Mplayer, and Totem all detect errors, and VLC and Totem stop playing/mute the sound because of it.

        The errors are:

        [h264 @ 0xb6749900]AVC: nal size 0
        [h264 @ 0xb6749900]no frame!
        Error while decoding frame!
        [h264 @ 0xb6749900]Missing reference picture
        FAAD: Failed to decode frame: Maximum number of bitstream elements exceeded 

        (FAAD is the audio decoder mplayer is using)

        The mp4 I downloaded had an md5 of df5d85520a138abd94d3ad3bfbe15efc, maybe it got corrupted in upload?

  2. Sam says:

    The version I remember is the Macintosh version, which was quite popular with my first grade class. I also remember The Yukon Trail, which is also a great game, though not quite as fun as The Oregon Trail in my opinion.

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