Purple Saturn Day Review Is Online!

Friday, May 13th, 2011

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h4t0gruAPQA%5D

So the PSD review is friggin’ online. And every time I abbreviate it “PSD” I think “Print Shop Deluxe”. Old habits die hard. I loved the old Print Shops!

What an odd game though. Really, any of the Exxos games are, but this one in particular has earned its label of odd game. Quirky, perhaps, is more accurate. Especially the manual, which I’d totally recommend reading for a laugh. Those ads and articles from Saturn are just freaking bizarre! And awesomely classic in the campiest of ways. Enjoy.


4 comments on “Purple Saturn Day Review Is Online!

  1. Robert Alpizar says:

    The cursors in the brain bowl mini game looked a LOT like Bit from Tron. Eh, little coincidences.

  2. Trixter says:

    Great job reviewing a game that nearly defies reviewing!

    You mentioned lack of decent sound — did your copy not play the digitized sound intro through the speaker? (not that it’s anything good, but it is there)

    • Heh, no I didn’t notice anything at the beginning. I had the PC speaker turned down to maybe 10% because the rest of the games noise is so shrill, so I probably just missed it completely!

      But yeah, not sure I’d consider grungy, digitized PC speaker noise “decent sound” 🙂

  3. James B says:

    Nice review. I suppose the little ICs in the brain are memory? hmm… Looks pretty good, but only four games? Maybe if it had 7 or 8 games would be sold better.

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