New LGR Channel on!

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The news is finally hitting the mainstream media that is going through a complete overhaul/update due to their continued success, and I’m happy to announce my channel was one of those selected to partake!

Back in the beginning of April of this year, I was chosen as one of the channels to get the initial red carpet treatment on

While we will be reaching out to all of our users, only the recipients of this email will receive priority treatment and guaranteed elevated status.

email from

As of today, my “new and improved” blip channel is now online! Complete with branding throughout blip and an awesome look on my channel page as well as a wider presence on affiliated networks. Good times.

Check things out here!


11 comments on “New LGR Channel on!

  1. slashtiger says:

    Known as slashtiger1 on YouTube, I’ve been quite a fan for a while. This is due particularly to the genre(s) of games that you choose to review. I also really enjoy your tech reviews (Computer systems and the like). Back when you had announced on YouTube that you’d become more active on Twitter, I decided to follow you there as well. As such, I already went and took a look at your new channel. I can only say this: It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Keep up the good work!

  2. Jasper says:

    You deserve it man…youtube should have given you the offer of a specialized account as well btw

  3. Gemini says:

    That’s awesome that you got included in the initial rollout of the new overhaul on My show wasn’t included (much to my aggravation) which means it’s currently invisible on itself until they get around to adding the rest of us, which is lame. 😛

    • That is lame dude! I was wondering why I wasn’t able to select your channel as a “recommended show” on my blip page…

      • Gemini says:

        Actually, when I asked for help, they just linked me to an FAQ that didn’t answer any of my questions, but led me to find out my show page technically works… just with none of the settings or graphics they had me set up. Even then, it’s still not listed in their browsing system and my episodes don’t come up using the search feature, so I sent them a rather lengthy tech support message to indicate every single problem (there were several) and we’ll see where that goes. : P

      • Gemini says:

        Took a little, but got my show page fixed up now so my show should finally be showing up in the recommended show list! ; )

      • Good stuff! I just added ADG to the recommended shows!

  4. LORD MJ says:

    Hello LGR.

    I didn’t know where to post this so I’ll do it here.
    I just got a fully working IBM PC 300GL as a gift and I would like to have some fun with it.

    It has a Pentium 2 @ 300Mhz, 64MB RAM, 8MB integrated video card and 3GB HDD. It has Windows 98 SE installed. Can you recommended some good games that I can play on this PC? I already have Doom 95 and Quake 1, but haven’t got time to test theme out.

    • Awesome machine!

      There are probably hundreds I could recommend trying, but I guess it depends on what you’re into.

      Some of my favorites of the mid-90’s: Need For Speed 1-3, Doom 1/2, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Descent, Earthsiege 2, Terminal Velocity, Thief, MDK, Age of Empires 1/2, Baldur’s Gate, SimCity 3000, POD to name a few. You could really expand your options to some amazing Win9x games if you upgraded the video card to something like a Voodoo3.

      • LORD MJ says:

        Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not able to upgrade my machine with a better video card because there is no PayPal here so I can’t buy any. I have an old Radeon 9600XT(my first video card), but I guess that would be to extreme for this type of machine.

        I just want to try some old games that will run fine on this system specs.
        Thanks again for replying, can’t wait for your future videos.

  5. James B says:

    Yeah I was in the basement of my parents place and found my old PII 350 with 512 MB RAM and VooDoo 3000 card on it. Ahh good times..
    But I actually have a AMD 3500+ and a Radeon 9500 laying around too…

    Oh I also found our Dual PII 400 MHz Server there… Has some SCSI drives in there and a copy of Windows 2003 Server…

    Ahh.. Why am I just listing hardware… weird… 🙂

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