Corridor 7 Review Video Is Online!

Saturday, May 28th, 2011


Since this game happened to be the game that was most-requested in this month of “LGR Viewer’s Choice”, I decided to put a little more effort than usual into some of the presentation of this video. I hope it entertains.

It really isn’t that bad of a game, and it does, in fact, include some very cool stuff. The unique aliens, the infrared visor, randomized difficulty mode, and the overall atmosphere of the game are just sweet. But I can’t get over the fact of how boring it can get! And I don’t think it’s just me either, since after looking at some other reviews I’ve found it’s a common sentiment. It’s just to… corridorey for its own good. If there were only seven corridors, that would be okay. But 40? Yeah.


4 comments on “Corridor 7 Review Video Is Online!

  1. nerka99 says:

    Believe it or not but I’ve wanted to see this game in action since it was released and I was proud owner of an Amiga 600 at the time…
    Naturally as someone suffering from CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) syndrome I had forgotten about it for all those years. Now i remember all my “FPS envy” from my Amiga days when all PC owners played Doom and i got squat.
    At least “we” got Mortal Kombat 2 before PC 😛

  2. nerka99 says:

    Can’t edit myself… oh well second post then.
    I actually remember that the best thing one could get as Amiga owner in Poland were 2 polish first-person shooters: “Za żelazną bramą” (known as “Behind the Iron Gate” everywhere else) and “Cytadela” 😉

  3. Kevin Dady says:

    yep, thats what I remember … In the age of Rise of the Triad, and whatever that starwars FPS one was here is this impressive for the engine but out of date, and boring FPS in the bonus folder of some shareware CD.

    Also let me do a shameless “lets ask” and ask about Quarantine (gametek), have you played it and is there a review. A lot don’t like the game but I find it still fun, elements from GTA3, Crazy Taxi, a bit of role play, and with free run of the city makes this doom era fps car game worthy of keeping in my collection [/sale]

  4. Clayton says:

    Wow, this game looks amazing. I was going to check it out, but I heard some bad things about it on youtube and didn’t, but now I probably will. I love games that try to creep you out like this. You should review both Blake Stone games! Best use of the Wolf3d engine, and yes I enjoyed it even more than rise of the triad, but I’m in the minority of that.

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