Duke Nukem Forever demo – First impressions

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h4t0gr_nAAA%5D

Last night I was up at midnight on Steam with Chrome open to the side, refreshing the First Access Club constantly. Then I saw a tweet by George Broussard saying the demo was indeed going to be online within minutes. It was, I downloaded the demo, I played the crap out of it!


Finally happening. Yes, it’s amazing and historic and stuff. But is it any good?

I’ve quickly made a video (posted above) playing through the 15-20 minute demo and giving my thoughts on it. Being a LONGTIME Duke fan (since, what, 1992?) I hope my word carries at least an ounce of weight. Anyways, here’s a basic summary of my likes and not-so-muches, judging by the very short demo only.

It’s DNF!
Awesome humor
Gunplay feels great
Unique areas/items
Insane interactivity
Sweet environments
Not boring

Two-Weapons-Only system
Lame Shrink Ray stomping
Mouse aiming somewhat floaty
Overkill depth-of-field
Gameplay simply “good enough”
Duke Vision high-pitch noise
“Use” icon/hints popping up


6 comments on “Duke Nukem Forever demo – First impressions

  1. Van Darkholme says:

    This is more or less how I feel about it, except that the regenerating lifebar and 2 weapons at a time and etc bother me way more. I’m still willing to enjoy it as a fun game too, especially since you know, I’ve already preordered it, but my expectations feel kind of betrayed as of now. I think the “gameplay simply good enough” point you have there is a big part of it, but also I don’t think, at least in the demo levels, they were even trying to bring back the almost platformer-like level design that IMO makes duke 3D stand out against other FPS.

    I’m still kicking my summer off with this game, though. Comes out the Monday after I’m out of classes for the year, I’m sure I’ll have fun with it.

  2. Gemini says:

    The two-weapons-at-a-time thing doesn’t really bother me all that much considering the ample supply of weapons out there, kinda reminds me of Halo in that sense, same with the regenerating ego and the way running seems to work, but I do agree that the pistol should be something you ALWAYS have… maybe they’ll fix that before or after release at some point?

    I’ve played most of the original Duke Nukem games, heck I even have the GBA version and Manhattan Project is my second-favourite of all the Duke games, followed ever-so-slightly by Duke3D, but I probably won’t be picking DNF up at release. I’m sure I’ll get it sooner or later though. ; )

  3. […] Duke Nukem Forever demo First impressions | lazygamereviews: Last night I was up at midnight on Steam with Chrome open to the side, refreshing the First Access Club constantly. Then I saw a tweet by George Broussard saying the demo was indeed going to be online within minutes. … Continue reading – Readmore […]

  4. Orson M says:

    The blowjob joke on DNF was sort of offensive to my wife who was watching the video with me (and I’m pretty sure you don’t have to dig to dip to find more people who found this offensive). We enjoy LGR together and having no idea how unsubtle Duke Nukem Forever was going to be (particularly after the very good video reviews of Blood and ShadowWarrior here on LRG) it sort came as a shock. It’s more creepy than anything else, and a big symptom of lack of creativity for this game (gagging noise?, way to keep it classy 3d Realms, or which ever of the 18 companies involved in the making of the game gave it a green light).

    Still, not a complaint against LGR, but to DNF, a game that also lets you aim your stream of pee and throw poopie around (cos you know… poopie is funny).

    • Agreed, that was somewhat shocking to me as well. MUCH more graphic than anything I’ve seen in other Duke games. They (Gearbox, Triptych) are really lowering the bar, and they’ve even said as much in interviews with journalists.
      Hence, why I’ve felt the need to display “adult” content warnings on all DNF-related videos! And yes, I say “Adult” because it’s pretty much anything but adult, and is simply immature antics, which is somewhat expected for a Duke game.

  5. David Williams says:

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