Duke Nukem Forever Review Video Is Online!

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h4t0gsL8BAA%5D

It’s Done.


12 comments on “Duke Nukem Forever Review Video Is Online!

  1. Jasper says:

    Good review! Although i would like to mention that the (sexy) humor went from “naughty” and “funny” (duke3d) to kind of “disturbing” and “woman unfriendly” at times in DNF. Not that I had issues with it, I just noticed it.
    Also the video of “the awful truth” you favorited, is very much my opinion as well. The game just get bashed for the wrong reasons.

    • I agree. I assume parts of “The Hive” level and such is what you’re referring to?

      To its defense, that was taking the idea of what happened to the “podgirls” in Duke 3D and making it more graphic. A bit too far for some I’m sure, and even to me it felt a bit uncharacteristically dark.

  2. The demo didn’t seem to do the game justice. While the beginning level is nice and interactive the second level in the demo felt generic and boring. Looking at some more of the game though, it seems to have a ton of interactivity, scripted sequences and set pieces, and some nice lighting and shading (despite the rest of the graphics looking meh). Might try it out after all.

  3. Clayton says:

    I was planning on buying this anyway, but it’s nice to see an actual fan’s opinion and I really am glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. I really REALLY hope they release some sort of modding tools, I’m so used to watching a PC review and saying “oh well that problem can be fixed with mods”. That was my first thought about the two weapon system! Hell the only reason I enjoyed Doom 3 was due to the duct-tape mod.

  4. Gemini says:

    TBH, I spent more time in the Build Editor for Duke3D than I did playing the actual game. ; D

    But, I’m glad DNF isn’t nearly as terrible as some of the mainstream reviewers are making it seem, though it seems PC is by far the best way to go. (Which is fine by me, I prefer FPS gameplay on the PC to consoles.)

    One thing that’s good to know too is that it requires Steam, even if you buy the game in box, so when the time comes I’ll probably just get the downloadable version; save myself a store trip. I have the bandwidth. ; )

  5. Orson says:

    While I’m sure the game isn’t nearly as bad as we are told, I also think that this is sadly the first time that LGR contradicts itself, big time!:

    On off color jokes (taken from Shadow Warrior):
    “…a giant sumo that shoots farts. Real classy, 3d Realms.”

    On platforming, something that every other reviewer hated about DNF (taken from Shadow Warrior):

    “Another thing I really hate about the levels are the platforming sections, thankfully there arent too many levels that actually use these sections, but when they happend this seriously sucks […] bottom line, platforming does not belong in a shooter…”

    On platforming, again (this time from Blood):

    “…There are of course a few annoying platform sections, which I just do not think belong in an FPS game at all…”

    It doesn’t help at all that you show all the cool stuff the collectors edition has either, makes it look like 2k games sent you the package (as they usually do with game reviewers). Please tell me this isn’t the case and that you reviewed this game free of bribery (I’d be pretty pissed myself if after spending 160 dollars on my favorite franchise, it turned out to be similar to The Phantom Menace or Star Trek Generations in levels of mediocrity).

    From the PR agency that used to handdle Duke Nukem Forever:
    “too many went too far with the reviews… we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom”

    To quote a once honest reviewer: “…Real classy, 3d Realms”

    • I feel that you’re looking for issues that simply are not there. I try my best not to contradict myself, and I don’t feel I did. The examples you give only begin to be valid if you’re really pushing it.

      For one, the “classy” line was simple sarcasm. I never said I didn’t like that kind of humor, or that there was any problem with it. In fact, I’ve often said that I can appreciate such a thing. I mean, that’s why there are so many fart jokes hidden in my videos. It was thrown in there as sarcasm at a silly part of the game, which I thought was obvious.

      On platforming, I still stand by my view that platforming does not belong in an FPS in my ideal world. So? Where did I say in the DNF review that I thought otherwise? Sure, it has some platforming sections and I still don’t think they belong in a shooter. But they were few and far between and weren’t annoying, so I didn’t have a huge problem with them like I did in Shadow Warrior and Blood. The way these games play are entirely different, and while I would rather them not have been there at all, they weren’t punishing annoyances like those others.

      Regarding the box. Have you watched many of my videos? I always freaking show the contents of the box if I can, and this was no exception. Why should I change that in this case, when there are actually some neat things to show? And NO, I don’t get paid by 2K or anyone else to do this, I paid with my own hard-earned cash like any other random fan. I do this out of my free time and because I want to.

      And I have no idea what your PR agency quote was about. That is completely irrelevant to this as far as I can tell. If you wanna think I’m this dishonest person, I can’t do anything about it. But I don’t see how quotes like that further solidify your stance.

  6. Orson says:

    There’s no other way to say it, but this game is pure evil. It doesn’t advance the medium one bit (platforming to the extreme!), it’s derivative of many other games out there (physics puzzle solving go!) and to make matter worst, by all accounts it’s just downline offensive in a way it makes rapists and wife beaters blush.

    The first 2 claims could easily be disregarded. Most games fall into this category anyways as of late (being derivative of other games or just not trying to advance the medium in any way for the big bucks). It’s sad that a game that once advanced the FPS genre so much is just plain not trying to do it now (after 12 years). Duke seems to attempt by all means to play it safe by ripping off other games and not improving any of the things that made the original so awesome.

    But then there’s the third issue, which can be summed up in the phrase: we all have mothers, so why is this game so downright mean towards women?.

    This third part is the one that makes it pure evil (the first two were to maximize profits). Was there any reason why the hive levels needed to have girls moaning and crying?, was there any need for the following equally classy quotes?:

    “they did horrible, horrible things to my mouth”
    “I’m too young to be pregnant”
    “I thought it was safe to swallow”
    “duke it was our first time, with an alien”
    “Duke we’ll get the weight down in like a week we swear!”

    These are not funny, these are not witty, these are downright creepy and offensive. These are all jokes about rape and to make matter worst Duke can shoot at them at will (Duke will reply a lame one liner “why do they always take the hot ones?”, or at best “they are not human anymore”). Duke is right, these are all hot girls, fulfilling some sort of revolting rape fantasy (and not in a good Giger type of way, there’s absolutely no commentary).

    It’s not cool to be mean towards women just for cheap, scrapping the bottom of the barrel, laughs. Let’s imagine a WW2 game that allows you to enter a concentration camp, filled with similar “humour” (and the ability, again, to kill them). Would you still defend such game?, how about a game about specifically aiming black people as the butt of the joke (because that’s what the girls are here). Are there any women out there that finds these remotely funny or necesary?, I used to watch your show with my wife, and this has been a big let down. Video game reviewers are usually shock jocks that are painful to listen and you were different, you were witty and funny (we were even fond of the fart jokes!!).

    I think the LGR we used to know would have at least spotted the flaws in gameplay (alas, no comment whatsoever… a few very weak comments here and there). It is sad to see you openly promoting this game, to the point that you are happy with the purchase of the very expensive “Balls of Steel” pack (I seriously thought you got it as a gift, if this is not the case, I’m sorry… but on the upside, your review would have gotten you more games by the ever ethical 2k!… sad you don’t get those though…).

    • There was a very clear and blatant warning, not once but twice, at the start of the video stating that the point of much the game was to shock and offend. As such, the content of the video would contain some of it. Looks like the game accomplished its goal. If this one review so deeply offends you that you can no longer watch my videos, then by all means don’t. I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise, because if this is really that important to you then seriously, do what you must. Although I’ve gotta say, I simply found this pretty tame in comparison to other horror in media, I’d hate to see how you felt about a bunch of movies and books from the past 40 years if you find Duke Nukem disturbing. Disgusting things are in mass media, that’s how it is. I see it as a cathartic, harmless release. I’m not going to pretend like I have a problem with it when I don’t, because people are people and they’re insane. I do not advocate violence towards women, but I don’t feel this game did either. It’s just a (purposely) stupid game, it’s got some twisted stuff, but that’s part of it.

      “The LGR we used to know…” Um, nothing changed. Your expectations perhaps, but nothing on my end.

      I promote games I find enjoyable. I found this one enjoyable. I don’t give a crap if anyone else finds it so, I’m not going to change my views to try and make a stand for what some people may find offensive. I’m not glorifying it or saying that I wholeheartedly approve of all content, I’m just saying I had fun with the game as a whole. What else do you expect of me by now? I’m no moral authority, I’m just a dude who likes games. Personally, I think you’re taking things way too seriously, but that’s just how I see it from what you’ve said. I’ve seen a million times worse things in real life, and that stuff IS genuinely disgusting. A game? Couldn’t care less, it’s not real. I don’t see it as promoting some idea or hating or anything. It’s Duke Nukem, it’s always been about over-the-top crap in an alternate, screwed-up universe that’s not the same as the one we know.

      What’s weird about this whole thing is that so many people are getting up in arms about this game’s supposed misogyny and saying no woman would agree with this, when two main writers for this game’s content were women. I saw the situation in the game how they did: the aliens in DNF are evil and they deserved to be killed. Showing the terrible things that happen to the women only reinforces the idea that you must destroy them. It’s not like you, the player, is the one doing these evil things. That would be garbage. You’re out to save them, I mean, what’s wrong with that?

    • Zabeus says:

      Wow, I kind of agreed with your first post (LGR is admittedly a Duke fanboy, despite giving it fair criticism), but you really went off the deep end with this one. What’s your point beyond “this game is EVIL, LGR doesn’t point it out, so I don’t like LGR anymore”? You not only have an irrational hatred of a video game, but you extended that to a guy just playing the game, who reviews all kinds of games, and even puts a warning up at the beginning.

  7. Jasper says:

    As in my first comment this is exactly what I thought would happen. People could find the game too disturbing to play. Then again, that leaves no reason to judge LGR on his likes or dislikes. I enjoyed playing the game, because it IS stupid…As in my first comment I noticed some disturbances in the game, but would I encourage people NOT to play it? Hell no…! It is more like “stupid” and “over the top” than disturbing to me…To let children play it, that would probably be wrong. But c’mon, i asume were all adults here…don’t take things too seriously….

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