F.E.A.R. 3 Quickie Review Video Is Online!

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h4t0gsTESQA%5D

Ah, why not? Just finished it, may as well review it. I can crank one of these out in pretty much no time at all, and that’s awesome for me right now.

Back to old games soon though!


6 comments on “F.E.A.R. 3 Quickie Review Video Is Online!

  1. Another great review mah man! Frankly F3AR doesn’t really deserve a full review, you said everything about it what had to be said. So what I’m trying to say is that FthreeAR fits the Quickie format.

  2. Gwolo says:

    this review really makes me want to play that game, but I am certain that my computer will shit itself if I try.

  3. ZAR says:

    Excellent review! Here’s my 2 cents, since I was pretty disappointed.

    FEAR 3 is just another mediocre console port suffering from all the problems that plague these titles.

    First of all: it looks ok, but it’s obviously not state of the art. Runs ok, due to that fact, but that’s about it. Manipulating the environment is mostly out of the question. There isn’t even much to explore, the levels are closed off, even returning to earlier sections is no longer possible. Enemies look bland, very much repetition – same as before, but now it’s even more obvious (and looks like Armacham is also using Replica soldiers). Level design reminded me in some aspects of Half-Life 2. Unfortunately, apart from the visuals that’s about it. No clever use of the settings, plain old enter, encounter enemies and start shooting. Rinse and repeat.

    Weapons are ok – but no comparison to the first FEAR, which was awesome. The shotgun still feels underpowered and the annoying pseudo-realism the smg is a funkiller (sometimes even worse than in other “modern” shooters). The same goes for a superfluous cover system, lensflare blinding galore and grenades being dropped in front of your feet with perfect accuracy. I didn’t like that in other “modern” shooters and I don’t like it here. Regenerating health is also typical and takes away much of the fun in some respects, but that’s mostly my personal opinion.

    The awards system is kinda ok, I wouldn’t have missed it, to be honest. But I wonder why Point Man has to start over every time a new game begins. Can’t he keep his capabilities together? (Ah, but the very same question was also asked when NOLF 2 came around.) Besides, slowmo-time feels WAY to short, especially when combined with a drastically reduced weapon load (only TWO) and “realistic” bullet loadouts. Excellent guys, now it definitely feels more “realistic” and “present” – which means annoying – but… FEAR 1 already established that in the (this) future there would be MORE bullets in your guns. I don’t know…

    Extremely annoying (as stated by your review already) is the lack of a PROPER save game-system! Having to replay big sections with troublesome enemies gets REAL old in some levels and is the main reason WHY I DID NOT FINISH THIS GAME.

    The A.I. and fighting overall feels even worse than in FEAR 2 – not much sneaking or setting up traps, most fights are straightforward… and quickly over. It’s hectic and feels VERY generic! I rather charged into a squad than trying to lure them out into the open and finish them off one by on. Pretty bad!

    Story and character development are pretty lame compared to the predecessors, but, hey, it’s another sequel of a sequel so why bother. Paxton Fettel never seemed to be much more than the insane puppet of Alma so his character and dialogue feels very unbelievable and although the “Point Man” gets a face this time he’s still nothing more than a dummy.

    Conclusion: Lots of repetition, some atmosphere, annoying difficulty level and idiotic pseudo-realism, overall mediocre and not up to date regarding PC capabilities. Don’t pay more than 10$ for this one or you will be disappointed! Better get part 1 and have a lot more fun.

    • I certainly agree with a lot of your points, although I feel many of them are rather subjective. I liked the more “linear” Half-Life-ish design, as it kept things progressing at a steady pace. Since it’s such a short game, it was paced more like an action movie than a novel, which I felt fit this game better than a more “open” experience might have. Since horror and scares are barely part of the game anymore, may as well just focus on the action and getting the player to the next firefight as quickly as possible.

      I totally agree on the bizarre “realistic” bullet loadouts, especially since this is the future. That made no sense to me. I’d have complained in the video about it had the selection of weapon drops and armament boxes not been so ridiculously abundant. It became a non-issue to me.

      I agree the AI felt pretty stupid. But somehow I liked that, because I like frantic firefights and getting up in the enemy’s face and blowing the guy to pieces. As mentioned in the video, it was reminiscent of games like Serious Sam and Left 4 Dead a little bit, which was okay to me at this point since it felt like kind of a re-start to the series. And since horror and creepy tension is no longer the focus, may as well go over-the-top with stupid enemies that make you feel like a badass when killing them 😀

      Otherwise, yeah. It’s a very average game. Simply decent, simply good. It’s a short experience too, was over in maybe 6 hours for me. The definition of rental (unless you have a PC… then grab it from the bargain bin!)

      • ZAR says:

        Well, which review isn’t subjective? From an objective pov FEAR 3 must be considered another attempt of a big company to cash in on a popular franchise. Without taking many risks or asking the fans what they REALLY wanted in the first place. That’s why this title plays it safe AND is very generic. And even “hired creativity” like John Carpenter can’t change a thing about it. (Tron Legacy comes to mind.)

        Your comparison with an action movie is very good! Because that’s the direction they are most certainly embracing. Unfortunately, that’s not sufficient to make F3 a better game. The “flexibility” of the original to take your time was one of the best aspects, adding a touch of freedom and choice (though not very realistic).

        The lack of real suspense and horror on the other hand also ruins the “special feeling” even the lesser titles in the franchise had. Which makes F3 a lot more generic inviting for comparisons with the “modern” shooters.

        Regarding “realism” I must say, that the first FEAR never really felt “realistic”. It never really tried. Regarding battle it was clearly more along the lines of the first Terminator-movie (also including the avant-garde color- and light-aesthetics and also much of the story and character design). You were playing an interactive story of sorts and not a “realistic” war/action-movie.

        The A.I. is mostly pointless in this game since you’re forced to go toe to toe no matter what. An option you always had in the first game, but which also came at a price. Now it is obligatory and thus “less” punishing. Comparing it to Serious Sam… well, that was actually more like a “comic” shooter. And certainly better at that. 😉

        And giving FEAR 3 another chance in time to come… I don’t know. Some time ago I dug out the original FAR CRY and installed the Matto-Mods (very highly recommended!) and had a blast. I don’t think I’ll return to this generation of games in the same spirit. Or maybe I’m getting old and nostalgic. Erm, more nostalgic. 😉

    • Shagittarius says:

      I’d like to add a couple points to the “shitty console port” argument.

      1. The FOV is so small it almost makes me claustrophobic.
      2. There is a strange stuttering which apparently happens only on Nvidia cards when turning while strafing. It happens intermitantly (why is that word so hard to spell) so I’m not sure what’s causing that but it had been reported by many people. I’m using a GTX580 so it’s not due to under powered video.

      However like you said the shooting is very satisfying. I particularly like how the enemy soldiers give vague audio cues about their movements. It always bothered me when you’d be hiding behind something and some enemy would come silently around the cover strafing and blow you away. They move more realistically and communicate in a manner that gives you clues so when you die it never really feels unfair.

      I never felt put out when I had to play a scene over a few times, it sorta reminded me of Golden Eye in that manner, the units behaved just differently enough to make it interesting each time.

      I think with a little more polish and some care for PC gaming sensitivities it could have been a spectacular game, instead it’s simply a good game.

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