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The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff review video is online!

Friday, July 29th, 2011


After a bit of a delay due to Amazon shipping being a bit wonky, the Lazy Game Reviews Town Life Stuff Pack video review is now online!

I can’t say I have much more to add here with this one. It’s that time again, it’s The Sims 3, it’s a Stuff Pack, that’s how it goes.

Links to the custom game items mentioned in the video:

Lazy Game World – New Sims 3 Town
LGR Sims 3 T-Shirts


Atari ST computer system review video is online

Monday, July 25th, 2011

At long last, the Lazy Game Reviews video of the Atari ST is now uploaded and ready for your attention!

I meant to have this done back around Christmas, then May, then the beginning of July, now it’s almost August and it’s finally done. This is mainly because I knew it would be a lot of work. Thankfully, it was still fun to make and the end result was worth it, I think. So please, enjoy another computer review while I enjoy a well-earned cold drink.

Turbo Outrun arcade game review is online!

Sunday, July 17th, 2011


Finally, I’ve been able to do something I’ve wanted to do on LGR for a long time: review an actual arcade game in the flesh!

Not trying to move in on the excellent MAMECADE’s territory or anything, I just love arcade games 😀

I mean, sure I can play them on MAME and I have arcade controllers to do that. But there is simply nothing like experiencing the real thing on a real arcade cabinet. And this sit-down Turbo Outrun machine is a great example of this fact! The machine is a monster and I just wouldn’t feel right reviewing this by only showing emulator footage.

Hope you enjoy, more arcade machine reviews to come!

LGR Outtakes video is now online!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011


I had planned on having this online last week, but lightning and delayed shipment of replacement parts put a damper on those plans.

It’s been two years since Lazy Game Reviews has been going, so to celebrate here’s a hastily-cobbled-together video of some outtakes and deleted review scenes! I thought pretty much all of these had been lost to my PSU surge of death a while back, but I found backups of a few of them, obviously. So I figured it’s best to save them for posterity by immortalizing by making a fool of myself on the internet.

Computer collectors & aficionados: please read!

Sunday, July 10th, 2011


I was reading about randomness again online, which is a dangerous thing. And I had an idea for a fun video that I could really use your help with!

What I’m going to do is another “list” video, but this time about rare and obscure computers. That’s where you, vintage computer lover, come into play.

I’m looking for information on machines that are genuinely rare and genuinely obscure. NOT the “L@@K r4r3!!” machines you see posted daily on eBay, like a Commodore 64 with more dust bunnies than a feather duster quality assurance testing room. I mean, you won’t see one of these unless you work in a museum or are incredibly lucky/rich.

I’ve posted a photo of a clear Mac SE (from as an example of the rarity I’m speaking of. Only about 20 of them made. Of course, anything under about 5,000 made or so is going to be rare, maybe even 10,000, so don’t hesitate to suggest things! I know of more machines already, but I know there are plenty I am not aware of. I’d also like to note I’m not looking for things like mainframes, minis or one-off prototypes, as these are obviously rare by nature. So if you know of awesomely rare personal computers I can talk about, please leave comments listing them!

I’ll give credit to all who help, and I’ll also post a video to augment this blog post as soon as I can, asking for the YouTube community’s assistance as well. Please post suggestions as comments here or on the video once it’s up, or email me. This is the current list of possible machines to cover. There are amazing, knowledgeable people out there, so let’s do this!

Alice: Madness Returns review video is online!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011


Originally, this was going to be a quickie review around four minutes in length. But the more I thought about the game, the more I had to say. There’s just a lot of really awesome, unique stuff here that I wanted to touch on!

Funny thing is, the gameplay at its heart is very derivative and a bit so-so. But what sets this one is apart is the fact that it’s American McGee’s Alice. It’s his brand of weirdness and cynicism mixed with Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland that helps make this special. Somehow, the way he pulls it off just captures some part of me and I can’t help but enjoy every tasty morsel.

One little thing I didn’t mention, but maybe should have, is the checkpoint system. I feel like I’ve harped on this enough recently, but it’s worth noting that the game makes use of a checkpoint system for saving your progress, not the quicksave system found in the first game.

Androides – Thomson MO5 Game Review Video Online!

Monday, July 4th, 2011


Finally giving the Thomson MO5 a little love on LGR! Weird little machine, especially from an American’s standpoint, but I think it’s freaking rad. It’s a lot like a ZX Spectrum 48k, actually. Perhaps a tiny bit more powerful. I’ll be reviewing it sometime, after the Atari ST, BBC Micro and Apple IIGS.

Sadly, I still have to use emulation to play it (using the excellent DCMOTO Thomson 8-bit emulator) since I do not have any way of displaying SCART video. Yet. There are solutions for converting to VGA that I’d love to get, but it’s a matter of collecting the funds first!

25 Cent Flea Market Arcade – Video of Awesome Game Cabinets

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Found this place while perusing the local flea market this morning with my brother, Luke. As soon as I glimpsed the side of an MVC2 cabinet, I knew I was in for something awesome.

All but a few of the machines are working, and many of them are surprisingly uncommon. At least, from what I’ve seen at various arcades around the state. There are only one or two others around me at all, so finding this was like stumbling across an unprocessed gold mine! And the best part is all the games are 25 cents per play. Very fair!

I wanted to get some footage of the Turbo Outrun sit-down cabinet they had, but ran out of time. It’s incredible, with the entire freaking seat and cab moving and rumbling along with the gameplay and such. And for a quarter, who can complain? I know where I’ll be the next weekend I have some free time!