25 Cent Flea Market Arcade – Video of Awesome Game Cabinets

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Found this place while perusing the local flea market this morning with my brother, Luke. As soon as I glimpsed the side of an MVC2 cabinet, I knew I was in for something awesome.

All but a few of the machines are working, and many of them are surprisingly uncommon. At least, from what I’ve seen at various arcades around the state. There are only one or two others around me at all, so finding this was like stumbling across an unprocessed gold mine! And the best part is all the games are 25 cents per play. Very fair!

I wanted to get some footage of the Turbo Outrun sit-down cabinet they had, but ran out of time. It’s incredible, with the entire freaking seat and cab moving and rumbling along with the gameplay and such. And for a quarter, who can complain? I know where I’ll be the next weekend I have some free time!


3 comments on “25 Cent Flea Market Arcade – Video of Awesome Game Cabinets

  1. Foone says:

    Awesome, where exactly is this? Smiley’s in Arden is the only flea market around here I know.

    Have you been up to Arcade Asheville? I just started hanging out there, and they’re pretty nifty. A lot of old-school games on the first floor (Dig-dug, centipede, Tron, Defender), plus they’re the only bar you’ll find with two NESes set up at the bar. (Lot of Super Mario 3 going on)

    Upstairs they’ve got some driving games and a bunch of shooters, plus 1 or 2 360+Kinects running Dance Central or Kinect Adventures.

    • Yup, this is in a back corner in the inside of Smiley’s. I was quite surprised to see this there, as I’d gone past that section many times without noticing anything of interest!

      And I’ve been meaning to hit up Arcade Asheville for months now, but something keeps coming up each time I try. I’ve exchanged some words with the owner online a bit, seems like a pretty sweet place.

  2. Gemini says:

    I spent a lot of my childhood in arcades, but because it cost money to play games in them I always gravitated towards the games I could last the longest in.

    There was this one I remember, a sit down machine with dual-joysticks for each player. I think it was called “Cybersled” or something like that… and I was a natural at it, with each 75-cents-per-play lasting me over 10 minutes! : )

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