Androides – Thomson MO5 Game Review Video Online!

Monday, July 4th, 2011


Finally giving the Thomson MO5 a little love on LGR! Weird little machine, especially from an American’s standpoint, but I think it’s freaking rad. It’s a lot like a ZX Spectrum 48k, actually. Perhaps a tiny bit more powerful. I’ll be reviewing it sometime, after the Atari ST, BBC Micro and Apple IIGS.

Sadly, I still have to use emulation to play it (using the excellent DCMOTO Thomson 8-bit emulator) since I do not have any way of displaying SCART video. Yet. There are solutions for converting to VGA that I’d love to get, but it’s a matter of collecting the funds first!


5 comments on “Androides – Thomson MO5 Game Review Video Online!

  1. John says:

    Never heard of it. Made in France but don’t know if it ever crossed the Channel (to Britain). If you need any help with the ST review drop me a line, I own a few and although I’m no expert I’m fairly familiar with them and know where to find more information from real experts.

  2. nerka99 says:

    Heh, i never knew Thomson made microcomputers 😀
    Their TVs are decent so i can only assume MO5 was not that bad. Any chance for full LGR Hardware on this puppy in the future?

  3. nerka99 says:

    DOH… i guess im blind after all: “I’ll be reviewing it sometime”

  4. Loic says:

    god as a school boy in france I was paying Androides all the time, it was so amazing, have been looking to play it back all those years, finally will use the emule and get it! Take me back 25 years or so back in the past, loving it!

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