Alice: Madness Returns review video is online!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011


Originally, this was going to be a quickie review around four minutes in length. But the more I thought about the game, the more I had to say. There’s just a lot of really awesome, unique stuff here that I wanted to touch on!

Funny thing is, the gameplay at its heart is very derivative and a bit so-so. But what sets this one is apart is the fact that it’s American McGee’s Alice. It’s his brand of weirdness and cynicism mixed with Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland that helps make this special. Somehow, the way he pulls it off just captures some part of me and I can’t help but enjoy every tasty morsel.

One little thing I didn’t mention, but maybe should have, is the checkpoint system. I feel like I’ve harped on this enough recently, but it’s worth noting that the game makes use of a checkpoint system for saving your progress, not the quicksave system found in the first game.


3 comments on “Alice: Madness Returns review video is online!

  1. cthuloops says:

    I absolutely love this game, sure its got some flaws here and there, but still I didn’t have such a good time with any other game this year. So i’m declaring this my game of the year, at least until Skyrim releases :-). The so called “professional” reviewers wouldn’t know a good game even if it bit them in the ass, judging from the general score alice was getting. Now, lets hope that American McGee can work his magic again with the still planned American McGees Oz.

  2. Shagittarius says:

    Glad you enjoyed this game as well. I also found the joystick controls to be a better choice, I think I played about halfway through on M/KB before switching over and it was clear that this was the way it was meant to be played. Especially since you can only really combo your weapons effectively with the joystick.

    A lot of reviewers complained about the repetition and length but I think that has more to do with a review being a job, I enjoyed every minute of this lengthy game.

    Is it just me or as the reviewers get younger and younger does it seem as a whole they are losing sight of what a game is? I feel like kids from Generation Y would rather watch a movie than play a game and unfortunately that’s what the industry seems to be heading for. Game play is king in my book, not stories, or morality tales. Sure if you can weave one into the game that works with the mechanics it makes it that much better but I don’t think games really need a story. This game had great mechanics and was a joy to control.

  3. Sam says:

    If only I had a decent video card to play this with….

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