Space Engine v0.94 Beta – Procedural Universe Generator Demonstration

Thursday, August 4th, 2011


I’ve been playing with Space Engine for several months now and have gone through a couple versions of the software in that time, so I figured a video was past due.

This is just what it says… an engine to simulate space through procedural generation. It is spectacular. And FREE.

It is currently in beta form and you can tell, since there are some pretty serious stability problems on all sorts of systems. But when you get it working on a machine that can handle the millions and billions of objects this generates, it is truly a sight to behold. A good sight, that is. I’ve always hated that expression. Like, it could be an awful sight. But this is not. It’s friggin’ awesome.


2 comments on “Space Engine v0.94 Beta – Procedural Universe Generator Demonstration

  1. BrunoB says:

    This was AWESOME

  2. Gemini says:

    This really reminds me of Noctis, which is also a procedural space exploration program, but it takes on the tone of actually piloting a spaceship in a galaxy that is not the same as our own (there’s no Earth or such) and there’s a very unique graphical filtering algorithm in place to give the whole experience a surreal sort of feel. The planets you land on can even have weather like rain and lightning and can also sport life forms both plant and animal.

    It’s SO old though… apparently the creator has been working on a new version of Noctis for a very long time now, since about 2001, but it has yet to be released in any form, not even a beta, and he’s recently announced taking a break from programming so there’s no way to know really if anything’s going to come out of the project. : /

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