30th Anniversary Celebration of the IBM Personal Computer

Monday, August 8th, 2011

IBM PC 5150 - 1981

So I just realized that August is the month the IBM PC was first on the market. August 12th, 1981 was the exact day, actually.

Strange that I just so happened to be looking at the best games on the PC of the past 30 years, starting with my look at the best 90’s PC games. I suppose I can spin this around and turn it into a birthday celebration, rather than just a series of videos with nothing really stringing them together. Funny how things work out.



8 comments on “30th Anniversary Celebration of the IBM Personal Computer

  1. Wow, the day before my birthday! Not the 1981 part, August 12. You probably guessed that anyway. But really, the thing that matters here is that ‘PC’ is 30 years strong! Awesome post.

  2. ZAR says:

    When did I see my very first IBM-PC… somewhere around ’83 to ’84 I’d say. Boring machines where nothing happened without a boot disk.

    Then in 1986 one of my classmates showed me an ASCII-version of Pacman on his PC and I was not impressed. (This very same dude had a brother with an Amiga 1000! Boy, what a DIFFERENCE!)

    I, or rather my dad, got my first PC in 1989. Quite a nice machine but still no sound except for the beeper.

    Back then things had gotten better with Leisure Suit Larry and the other Sierra Games. And most certainly when the very first Mechwarrior-Games and Wolfenstein 3D came out.

    But for me the breaking point was when Lucasarts released X-Wing for the PC! The best reason for me to get more RAM and a soundcard. 🙂

    • Kevin Dady says:

      X wing kicks some major ass, but if you have something that can match the speed of a 486 or better (cough dosbox) checkout earthseige, it will run on a vga 386 and makes mechwarrior look like … well better but the game is a bunch more fun to play

  3. renegade1990 says:

    And 30 years later I finally got one.
    Actually it is a clone of IBM PC XT, but more powerfull one, so it counts. 😀
    I hope in the near future there will also be an Apple II clone next to it.

  4. […] IBM Personal Computer turns 30 years old today (via Lazy Game Reviews). If you want to know more about this computer, 1UP has a good article on it. IBM PC 5150, courtesy […]

  5. Kevin Dady says:

    I was slashdotted today for installing linux on a 386 in an hour, not quite a 8088 ibm PC but I had it in mind when I did it

    • Hehe, always nice to be featured there. I actually just read that on /. earlier this evening!
      Very cool to see Debian on an i386 like that, I was thinking of trying it on my own Comten 386SX machine just to see how it goes. It only has 1MB of RAM though, so I’m really unsure if it’s even worth it. I’ve got a friend who’s installed a later Debian distro on his Pentium 1 laptop, it actually makes a half-decent internet browser with its PCMCIA Wi-Fi adapter.

  6. Kevin Dady says:

    honestly linux on a 386 is near useless. yes you can haxor some files, yes you can poke around the base system, yes I guess you could make this into a functional item, but really freedos and its applications are faster, and more productive overall, outside of graphical web, links2 kicks archines (sp?) butt in graphical web

    another funny note, back when you were only on youtube I sent you an email offering this machine … kind of glad it ended up in your trash bin a year or so ago! Though with two Pentiums in the house (the cool one is smaller than a netbook, 150mmx and 80 megs of ram with TFT screen and soundblaster!!!) I am still looking for a home for this suck ass non gaming box (hint)

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