Top 17 Best PC Games of the 80’s video is online!

Sunday, August 14th, 2011


Continuing my celebration of the IBM PC’s 30th birthday, I’m taking a look at my selection of the best PC games from each decade. So I’m retroactively starting with the eighties!


7 comments on “Top 17 Best PC Games of the 80’s video is online!

  1. Dr. Durr says:

    You just reminded me of the iParatrooper app.
    I bought Rise of The Triad and Shining Force instead of it.
    Neither are as fun as Paratrooper.

  2. nerka99 says:

    “war never been so much fun”… guess ill be seeing Cannon fodder in 90s list šŸ˜›

  3. Gemini says:

    I spent unhealthy amounts of time playing Bubble Bobble in the 80s on our Tandy 1000SX computer and I spent many hours in Arkanoid II’s built-in level editor since the actual Arkanoid II levels were notoriously difficult. x_x;

    Though when you brought up Arkanoid I suddenly recalled a particular breakout-style game of mine that I haven’t played in ages since the disk went bad. I eventually found a replacement copy but barely touched it… I definitely need to review that game myself soon! ; )

  4. Rons says:

    Great Post…, its remember me my childhood life in 80s, when i play PC ms-dos games on floppy disks. i find a great list of old pc games so i share it with you.

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