The Man 36 Trilogy – GTA IV Machinima

Monday, August 22nd, 2011


Since uploading my Top 17 PC games of the 2000’s video as well as my Choose The Next LGR video, I’ve received plenty of questions about the mods and video editor of the PC version of GTA IV. Well, I used to have quite a few videos on my YouTube channel with some machinima I’d created back when the game first came out. I’ve since removed it, but due to the resurgence in interest I thought I’d make a compilation of my personal favorite series.

This is The Man 36 Trilogy. It’s one of those stories that I made up as I went. The story is that a homeless, yet classy, John Lennon-turned-Rastafarian is a master of ambiguous crime and an expert in making daring escapes. He is known as Man 36. He has one thing stopping him from world (or at least the street corner) domination, and that is the guy chasing him with the aviators, Magnum PI ‘stache, and worn-out American flag pants. He is known as Anti-Hero. Poor guy is the laughingstock of whatever agency he’s from, and he always thinks he’s finally killed off Man 36, only to find… well, you’ll see.

Really, it’s just silly fun, but it was cool seeing how these guys’ stories fleshed out on their own by me just BS-ing a background for them and letting them loose in Liberty City. The action gets stupider and stupider, and the endings get progressively more ridiculous.

I planned another trilogy, and still may do so sometime since there are always new mods to play with, but this is all for now. So yeah, hope you all enjoy!


3 comments on “The Man 36 Trilogy – GTA IV Machinima

  1. Trixter says:

    Well, that was pretty awesome. The boat in the 2nd act had me LOL.

    What is the opening piece of music?

  2. LORD MJ says:

    Amazing, I wounder how do people do this Machinimas

  3. Enjoji says:

    First comment, yay.. I’ve been an avid follower of yours, LGR, and kinda lurk in the back and watch your rad reviews – but I just had to comment on this… it’s the best piece of tomfoolery in GTA4 that I’ve seen, and had milk squirting out of my nose… great stuff!! Hope you upload some more of Man36 and his never-dying escapades 😀

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