The Sims Social LGR video review is now online!

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

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Next to The Sims 3 Pets, this has easily been the most-requested review recently.

The thing is, I really have a huge disdain for games such as this is. It’s simply due to the arbitrary limits set in the game in order for the publisher to make an extra buck or mine a little more social data. That’s crap, IMHO. Charging for extra content is one thing, but when it’s the entire point of the experience? Blegh.

Anyways, here’s a review that was written in as fair a way as I found myself capable.


7 comments on “The Sims Social LGR video review is now online!

  1. Xaromir says:

    It’s not a free game. Yes in “theory” it is but in theory communism is a good idea and hitler wasn’t such a bad person, still a whole lot of bollocks. Such games are about as free as a stolen DVD: Yes you can, but you are not supposed to, the guy that put it up the shelves intended for you to pay even if you didn’t. Not criticizing you, since it basically is spot on, but i felt it needed to be said.

    • nerka99 says:

      Ummmm, no, just no.
      Sorry but if paying is optional then whats the problem. Iits like in Lord of the Rings Online. You can grind like idiot for few days or just pay for content, both ways your get the same. Saying your not supposed get something for free even if its option is just wrong. And comparing it to stealing is just plain retarded.

      • nerka99 says:

        Forgot to add something.
        You know why those all MMORPGs and things like sims on facebook are free? Because People who arent paying still generate traffic, they can become future clients, and they provide “company” for people who are paying money (hypotethical situation: MMO was almost dying let some freebies come so paying customers have people to play with and they wont stop paying us and we can tell we have 300% more “clients” now)

      • Xaromir says:

        If nobody would pay for it those wouldn’t exist, but they make even more of those. They intent you to pay. Yes you can do it free, but if you are not supposed to pay then why would they bother putting in a system for paying and offer that to advance or get content. There are two components to something: People like prestige / being better, and people don’t like to work for it. It seems free, but it really isn’t someone MUST pay for it. Zynga had a revenue of 850.000.000$ last year, and rumor has it that the company it’s valued at 10 billion. Personally i think that’s somewhat over the top, but it shows in a great way: It is not a charity.

  2. nerka99 says:

    I dont disagree with that… why couldnt u write in in first place instead of comparing it to stolen DVD suggesting that if someone chooses to play for free he is a thief :P?

  3. ZAR says:

    Excellent and honest review!

    And “pyramid game” also sums up the idea behind Facebook very well.

    To quote WarGames: “The only winning move is not to play.”

  4. Sam says:

    You mentioned not liking various mobile versions of The Sims — have you tried “The Sims 3” for Android? I’m thinking about buying it.

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