From Dust review video is online!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

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Figured this one would be a good one to cover, as its roots go back to some undeniable gaming classics. From Dust is a sandbox/puzzle/god game with influences of games like Populous, and was designed by none other than Eric Chahi (known for the Amiga classic Another World / Out of this World). Just an awesome game, and for only 15 bucks I think it’s worth it, if only to play with the spectacular physics of the elements. Well, the console versions at least. The PC version’s DRM can suck my volcano.


5 comments on “From Dust review video is online!

  1. Xaromir says:

    One serving of mediocre please.
    For 15$ i can get 5 to 3 used classics at my local dealer. Why would i buy this? I thought about buying it for a while but now that reviews start dripping in i’m not going to, i try not to buy stuff with the ubi-gamesloader anyways. If your router or something ever broke and you had to wait for a new one you know why. It doesn’t happen often – that is true, but when it does you get a certain feel of getting trolled by publishers. This sucks.

    • Why buy it? Same reason you’d buy any other game – because you want to play it 🙂
      If you don’t want to play it, obviously there’s no reason to buy it. Me? I love this genre, I am very fond of the designer of the game, and I’ve spent more than $15 on far worse games over the years.

      But as I went over in the video, I cannot stand the DRM for the game. I have a very unstable internet connection, and it was an issue for me. Getting trolled by publishers is exactly what it is, they’re only screwing over the consumer and doing NOTHING to curb piracy. I went and installed the cracked executable to *my* game just so I could play it when my internet was down. That’s BS, and there is no reason for such nonsense. For low-cost games like this, and to support Eric Chahi, I decided to roll with it. But Ubi’s $50-60 games like Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Driver San Francisco? I refuse to buy them because of the DRM. For that kind of money, I should be getting not only a game I can do with what I please, but a big fat bacon sandwich and perhaps a blowjob. Instead, I’d get shafted, so they can enjoy not having my money.

  2. LORD MJ says:

    The biggest mistake I made was buying AC2.

    I had a cracked version of AC1, and it didn’t work properly so I bought the game. I had zero problems with it thought and it was cool to buy such a awesome game.

    After hearing all that DRM problems with AC2, I immediately bought AC2 right after it came out. I thought it would be easy to play rather then waiting for a proper cracked version. I was dead wrong.

    Internet connection down – not that much I have a really stable one

    Ubisoft servers are down – that was much more the case

    Waiting million light years so the game synchronizes save files both at start up and shut down – it was slow because of the servers not my Internet, thank God I found a way how to turn it off

    Kicking me out of game because there is no Internet connection – RAAWR!!

    Losing my freaking save files!! – after beating the game, I wanted to play more and unlock some goodies and BOOM no save files.

    Sorry Ubisoft, but until you fully remove that stupid DRM I will never buy any of your games ever again.

    Great video Clint. I was wondering should I buy this or not, and now I see that it’s not for me.

    • A prime, and all-too-common example, of the awfulness that is the Ubisoft DRM server debacle. It’s been going on for almost two years that I’m aware of and they still haven’t learned, even after countless pissed customers.

      I still rent the console ports of their games like Assassin’s Creed II, but I refuse to buy their games. The reason I got From Dust is it’s an Eric Chahi game and he’s my hero, but this is the first Ubisoft game I’ve bought in… wow, quite a few years. I still feel a bit dirty, but at least the crack was there to ease my pain.

  3. JGH says:

    I just saw a story on Joystiq that Ubisoft has released a patch to free the game from their DRM: If they can fix the controls for the PC I’d love to buy the game.

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