Dead Island – First Impressions

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Dead Island - Crowbar+Zombie=Splattery Fun!

Dead Island – Crowbar+Zombie=Splattery Fun!

Several of you wonderful individuals have asked about my opinion on the game Dead Island, since I’ve talked a lot about how much I enjoy open-world games and certain zombie-smashing titles like Dead Rising.

So after a couple or few hours with Dead Island, I’m still enjoying it! Seemed oddly lackluster at the very start, and perhaps even a bit disappointing, especially having been blown away by that epic cinematic teaser for the game several months back. But it’s steadily gotten more interesting. Nothing breath-taking, but it’s cool. Feels a lot like the exploration and character selection of Far Cry 2, the constant looting and XP-fueled upgrades of Borderlands, and some similar weapons and customization like you find in Dead Rising 2. The landscapes are awesome to explore and the zombies are very fun to bash over the head with the huge variety of melee weapons. I also really enjoy the bone-bashing system in the game, where it’s preferred that you smash up limbs and body parts to disable enemies. A pretty good time if you like open-world FPS games and zombies. It supposedly only gets better co-op, though I’ve yet to try that.

But the PC port of it sucks, avoid it! The mouse movement is often clunky, framerate is inconsistent garbage for no reason, there is a severe lack of options to change (no Vsync unless you modify a config file), and it still has controller-oriented hints like “move right stick” displaying all the time. Just a terrible console port, which is disappointing coming from this developer (who also did the Call of Juarez games). Play on 360/PS3 if you want to actually have fun and not have the tremendous desire to decapitate your computer with a canoe paddle. I’ve been told this was due to them releasing a console dev kit version on the PC or something, even though I downloaded the patch and it didn’t seem to fix these issues I have, but hopefully this will be remedied soon.

I don’t see myself proudly singing this game’s praises like I have with Portal 2 and Deus Ex: HR this year, but whatever, I never expected to. It’s certainly not a bad game (PC version notwithstanding), it’s certainly fun, and I’d recommend giving it a shot if an FPS zombie game that’s more Borderlands than L4D sounds interesting.


One comment on “Dead Island – First Impressions

  1. pecet says:

    Good thing that I not preodered then, I’ll just wait for December Steam promo, and I hope that they will fix all issues by that time…

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