Jazz Jackrabbit Extravaganza video is online!

Monday, September 26th, 2011

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h4t0gtWZVQA width=”480″ height=”270″]

People often ask why I haven’t reviewed many of the classic games I love. A fair question.

The answer is simple: because I love them!

That means I feel a need to properly pay my respects to them, which means I end up making a crazy lengthy video, and that is decidedly un-lazy.

I think this review of the DOS PC classic Jazz Jackrabbit is a testament to this. I cover everything from the game’s history, the designers, the revisions during development, various releases, merchandise, and several other things. What do you know about “Lazy”?


14 comments on “Jazz Jackrabbit Extravaganza video is online!

  1. Foxhack says:

    Considering CliffyB’s stance on computers nowadays, I just don’t have any hopes of ever seeing this game rereleased on GOG or anywhere else.

    • I don’t see why not at least GoG. After all, Epic has their Unreal games on there. And according to Cliff’s Tweets every so often, he doesn’t seem to be opposed to the idea of Jazz appearing on services like XBLA someday. Just that it costs money and manpower that is currently being put toward other, larger projects.

  2. Sam says:

    Jazz Jackrabbit is awesome. I may have discovered it long after its time, and I may be one of the few my age who knows it exists, but I don’t care. The controls are solid (at least with a keyboard; I don’t have any kind of controller that uses the game port), and it runs beautifully on my Pentium MMX machine with Windows 98SE and a clone of a Sound Blaster 16. Presumably, I have the patch that makes it work with faster machines.

    I was wondering what you would recommend for a game port joypad/joystick, because I’ve been meaning to get one for use with older games, and there doesn’t seem to be any definitive “best”. What do you use on your retro machines?

    • I rarely use a controller with my retro PCs, but when I do I most often just grab one of the Gravis PC Gamepads since I have so many of them. The version I showed in this video is “okay”, but like I said it feels cheap and the D-pad is kinda lame. The later Gravis PC Gamepad Pro is a bit better, and is styled more after the PSX controller. It’s not bad, but still not great.

      Then you’ve got the original Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad, and it’s pretty sweet. Feels great in your hands, and the D-pad is decent. I’d probably recommend that one first and foremost for gameport-equipped PCs.

      Once you get past gameports into USB you can just use a PS2, Super Nintendo or some other console controller on the PC.

  3. Gemini says:

    It still boggles my mind that the Epic Classics website continues to exist. Not only are their prices really high relative to just about every other developer still selling their old DOS software, some of the games on their list have been made freeware, such as One Must Fall 2097, Castle of The Winds, Kiloblaster, Overkill… Heck, some great Epic titles that weren’t made freeware are NOT in their list, such as Fire Fight, Highway Hunter and Zone 66.

    As for Jazz Jackrabbit, I played the shareware version a bit but the minor issues you brought up with the gameplay were actually major issues for me and thus I never got into the game that much. From an artistic standpoint though, the music, sound and graphics were all awesome. : D

    • Yeah, they decreased their prices one time like 8 years ago or something, but other than that the prices have stayed the same! I don’t get it either. Good point about the freeware games, that is a bit odd.

  4. nerka99 says:

    I see some “fat” release of Beneth a Steel Sky on your Shelf.
    Could you at least tell me whats included in it?

    • I’ll be reviewing it eventually and showing all the contents in the video. Basically it’s got the game, manual, and comic book inside. And the box comes apart into two pieces to show different artwork, it’s an awesome-looking box design.

      • nerka99 says:

        If you could change word “eventually” to “soon” and i’ll be happy man 😀
        Kidding, take your time and make it awesome 🙂
        Btw is it CD or Floppy version of the game (floppy had alternative intro as far as i know)?

    • It’s the CD version that I own. Not sure about alternate intros, but I’ll look into it before I make my review!

  5. Jasper says:

    Yeeuh…Netherlands represent…. Funny to see some Dutch influences in your review….we got our spot on the map after the Killzone franchise , but not many people know we did some rad stuff in the past too…

  6. Sinni says:

    Jazz Jackrabbit i love this game so much,
    I remember playing the shareware version over and over again than the full game, than Jazz Jackrabbit 2 so many times single und multiplayer over lan with my friends/sister, but if I look back to the good old times I feel also very sad that these times are over and many of my friend go to work or they think “Why do you like this old game? it is borring and it looks like crap” sure modern games look and play at a much higher level, but if I hear the music of Jazz I feel like 11 years old.

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