Battlefield 3 Beta “Ignorant Review” video is now online

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

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You know, there are a shocking amount of people that seem to take video reviews way too darned seriously. I mean, WAY too seriously. Like, going so far as to send me hate mail and call me out repeatedly in comment sections and forums because they think I didn’t do a 110% perfect job. I can take criticism, but when it turns into an attack on me or my integrity, uh, no. These people quickly turn into trolls before long, we ignore them, and life goes on.

However, sometimes they give me ideas. One such troll said I should call my show “Ignorant Game Reviews” instead of Lazy Game Reviews, because I obviously didn’t do any research or put any thought into what I was saying. I don’t remember what video it was, but it was within the past month. Anyways, the guy turned into a douche really fast, but eventually got bored and went on to presumably troll elsewhere. But not without inspiring me first.

I started joking around with some friends about how ignorant of a review I could do if I really wanted to. One thing led to another, and well, this is the result. Welcome to the first (and possibly only) video starring the Ignorant Game Reviewer. A stupid, silly parody of my apparently ignorant self taken to a far extreme.


11 comments on “Battlefield 3 Beta “Ignorant Review” video is now online

  1. Kevin Dady says:

    Personally when you have to dedicate a portion of your life to understand how to enjoy entertainment, “they” did it wrong

  2. ZAR says:

    Clint, you don’t have to do reviews for idiots and trolls. They won’t die out anyway.

    • I would never do such a thing, everyone knows not feed trolls. This video was a joke, and it was nothing more than me having fun like every other video I make. It just happened to be a troll who inadvertently spawned an idea!

  3. hitachi8 says:

    very nice parody/joke video anyway. would have been better if we had the troll nickname but hey, everything’s not perfect!

  4. Gemini says:

    Trolling only works because anyone takes anyone seriously, so when it comes to the internet, my rule of thumb is: No one is serious, everyone is just trying to have fun, so I shall have fun in my own way. : )

    Also, your ignorant game review was phreakin’ hilarious! ; D

    • That is totally it. Taking trolls seriously is the first thing you learn not to do when putting anything online.

      Funny how it goes the other way too, with people taking videos like this one seriously, and then getting offended that I would “let the troll win” or something. Proves my point even further: Lighten up! Have fun doing what you do!

  5. nerka99 says:

    awesome parody
    … moar plox :P?

  6. Linkz98 says:

    On a side note what are the specs of your main computer? It looked like it ran BF3 Beta pretty well! Also Phreaking awesome spoof review.

  7. Where did you get the intro video? Trippy….

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