Balloon Challenge DOS PC game review video is online!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

[ width=”440″ height=”248″]

Another one of those games I loved as a kid, and still really enjoy, because it’s simple and quick enough to jump into anytime, but enough of a challenge to stay interesting. Logic puzzles are awesome, and Balloon Challenge is one of my favorites for MS-DOS! Soleau Software, ahh, such fond memories of their shareware titles…


2 comments on “Balloon Challenge DOS PC game review video is online!

  1. Gemini says:

    Actually, you get discounts if you buy multiple Soleau DOS titles at a time. If you buy at least 7 at a time they cost $6.66 each. Even buying just two you get them for $10 each, and if you buy at least 4 at a time you also get a free CD with their ENTIRE collection of shareware titles! : D

    Mind you, Soleau’s stuff is still some of the most expensive DOS shareware still around, but it’s all good software so I guess there’s some justification for that. Could be worse. Just after you did your Jazz Jackrabbit episode I decided to try and get in touch with Epic Classics by eMail and I still haven’t heard back from them yet. >_>;

  2. Xaromir says:

    Actually, such a game doesn’t exist anymore these days i think, aside from what you’ve shown, but this really is a good point: Why doesn’t it? It’s challenging, it seems fun and simple. We have popcap now, but somehow they only bring something really new every couple of years. Why not use such old concepts? Those would basically be good as new.

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