POD Gold now available on GOG!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

POD Gold running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Wow, I can honestly say I thought I’d never see the day… but Ubisoft has re-released their cult classic 1997 racer, POD, on Good Old Games!

This was one of my favorites racing games as a kid, and one of my favorites games from the 90’s period (recently featured in my Top 17 Best PC Games of the 90’s video). It’s just got an exceptional atmosphere, awesome music, weird tracks, fun cars, and simple racing goodness. It’s a pretty bare-bones game as far as racers go, but it more than makes up for it in aesthetics and “feel”. Very arcadey, but very solid once you get the hang of the controls and how to tweak your cars.

I’ve been hoping to play this game on a newer PC for years, but it’s almost impossible due to how the game looks for certain graphics drivers, DirectX versions and all sorts of crap. GOG to the rescue, this one works perfectly on every new Windows machine I’ve tried! Too bad the online doesn’t work anymore, but that’s to be expected since the Ubisoft GS went down long ago. There may be ways to get around it with extra software, but I’ve not tried it. Thankfully, the free DLC works for this release, so you’ve got tons of new cars and tracks to install if you want! You can grab them on my website, POD Phreak. A good thing, since even though GOG claims this comes with the Back to Hell expansion, it does not seem to. The three tracks and extra cars from BTH are not included in the current version available on GOG. You can install them from my website, if you want to (even though the tracks and cars/bikes admittedly suck). EDIT: Looks like they have removed the statement that it includes Back to Hell, which should clear up any confusion.

This is just rad beyond rad. Thank you, GOG! Great game, and I’d totally recommend buying it now because it’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Buy POD on GOG.com for $5.99!


4 comments on “POD Gold now available on GOG!

  1. magikgimp says:

    Do you think it was because of your video that they released it? 😉

    Actually I dug this out myself after watching it and managed to get it working, better than I could when I tried it years ago actually. Pretty sure a Voodoo wrapper was involved somewhere but I digress. Personally I found it still as balls-hard as it was back then, I swear the other cars go faster than you just to catch up. Even with the speed cheat the game goes from fairly dull on easy to nigh on impossible on normal (forget expert) or perhaps I’m just crap, it’s not like I put many hours into it. Graphics are lovely for the time though; they looked all brown & yucky with the wrong settings when I tried it years ago.

    • The difficulty does spike when moving up to normal, but it’s certainly possible to beat the game as I proved by spending a ton of time with it as a carefree young lad. I’m nowhere near as good as I used to be, but I still remember enough of the racing lines you need to take advantage of on most of the tracks. It’s all about taking those curves without skidding, and setting your car’s stats to achieve that.

      You’re right about the cars seemingly playing catch-up, and I think there is a bit of that but it’s mostly just the top three cars for some reason. I’ll often lap the bottom four cars. And Expert mode is stupid, just a uselessly difficult setting. I’m convinced the cars cheat in that mode.

  2. mike says:

    I got POD gold from GoG.com, but I can not run it on my computer. It has Windows Vista Service pack 1, an Intel core2 processor, I’ve changed display settings to 16 bit and tried to run it in Windows 95 compatibility, but it’s still doesn’t work out.

    • Tried posting in the forums for POD over on GoG? It’s more suitable for tech support than the comments here, I’d be happy to help over there. Any more information would be useful, like what specifically happens or doesn’t happen.

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