LGR Photomosaic

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Lazy Game Reviews Photomosaic Thumbnail

Got bored, made a photomosaic from LGR images and random vintage computer photos I had on my hard drive. Click the smaller version above to check out the full-sized file (it’s 8MB, so yeah). This is the reference image if you’re curious or something.

How many classic computing goodies and LGR-related images do you recognize? I recognize all of them, but of course that’s not really fair.


4 comments on “LGR Photomosaic

  1. LORD MJ says:

    Holy sweet Jesus!!! How did you this?! It must have taken you ages.

  2. Me :) says:

    Holy…wow… THAT is… psychotic… o.O

  3. Man… Now I want to play Dreamcast. Or Super Mario Bros. 3 since it was the first image my eyes laid upon when I zoomed it.

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