New way to suggest games for LGR to review!

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Vote on LGR future game reviews

I noticed YouTube had this “Ask Your Audience” module available for channels, so I figured I’d give it a try. Basically, this is a new way to send me your suggestions for games reviews. For now, I’ve limited it to PC games pre-2001. This is because I can. Just go to my YouTube channel, type in a game name or vote on ones already submitted, and enjoy knowing you’ve made your contribution to humanity today.

Also, please keep it to one suggestion at a time! I’ve had several people suggest a whole list of games in one vote, which is just confusing and kind of defeats the purpose of voting. So yeah, play by the rules, and this should be a fun way to get a bead on what people may want to see πŸ™‚


12 comments on “New way to suggest games for LGR to review!

  1. Saif Al khamiri says:

    hy LGR love your reviews i just wanted to ask do you know how to make your sims 3 have good graphics and run smoothly i figure your the guy knows this stuff so can you tell me what graphic card to run the game with for mac please answer this thx

    o BTW theres a new expansion pack for sims medieval will you review it please thx agin

    please reply

    • Same way you make any game look good and run smoothly: crank the graphics options to max and use a decent graphics card and overall computing setup. I have no idea what to tell you for Macs, since I don’t use them with TS3.

      As for Pirates & Nobles, I may or may not review it. I have no plans to currently, but who knows!

      • Saif Al khamiri says:

        naa its ok i don’t really care for the expansion pack it this much i just love seeing you review sims games

        but thx for replying i never had someone reply to me b 4 your the first πŸ˜‰

  2. Saif Al khamiri says:

    hey LGR can you tell me how you can get the 10 extra pets from my sims 3 pets limited edition

    i just got the game and i just downloaded the pet store but i cant find it in the game can you help me with this one too

    please reply your big fan: Saif

    • The additional “exotic” pet breeds are only available on the console version of The Sims 3 Pets. The PC/Mac versions only give you the pet shop and extra pet toys/items.

      • Saif Al khamiri says:

        thx for the reply man your the best i love how you reply to your fans keep it up

        BTW you gotta make videos about modern games like L.A Noria or any other games i would just love to see you reviews this games will you ever make reviews like that in the future

    • I do review modern games from time to time… The Sims 3, FEAR3, Alice Madness Returns, Deus Ex: HR, Duke Nukem Forever, etc. I just prefer to classic computer games and hardware since that’s my passion and fewer people, if any, review those that I do. It makes me stand out, I think.

      • Saif Al khamiri says:

        well lookey here we got another angry video game nerd reviewer but lazier

      • Saif Al khamiri says:

        just some other gamer that loves to review older games like you, check his videos his awesome

        i thought you know him you kinda look like a guy that knows that knows the guy whatever just check it out if you want

        his like the best reviewer and your like the second one to tell you the truth not that your bad or anything but his so so so funny

      • Saif Al khamiri says:

        hey don’t get mad i love your reviews why are you mad getting all mad for compressing you to the angry video game nerd i’m not saying your bad reviewer infect the last message i posted i regarded for saying that the minute i send that message that the angry video game nerd was batter i felt like i should have said that

        man i didn’t think that you will get that angry for compering you thats just not cool how you reacted but like whatever if you really feel like you dont want me to watch your videos then thats fine

      • Saif Al khamiri says:

        BTW and i wasn’t series when i said that you were like him it was just a joke

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