The Elder Scrolls Arena game review video is up

Friday, November 11th, 2011

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Okay, now back to playing Skyrim 😀


3 comments on “The Elder Scrolls Arena game review video is up

  1. Gemini says:

    Actually, you can scroll the maps. You do so by clicking on the NSEW compass directions. And yes, just like combat, the map scrolls super-fast so a light touch is necessary. >_>;

    Sometimes I think Arena would’ve been better had they just slowed down certain aspects of it. Heck, even Daggerfall slowed down most of its aspects… except spellcasting… (Common Daggerfall occurance: Fight a mage, get hit by five spells in a fraction of a second, die, reload, repeat as necessary until you get lucky and DON’T die.)

    Still, a very solid review. I also like that you touched on a number of things I didn’t cover in mine, like the backstory of the game’s production. : )

    • Well bollocks, you’re right. I actually tried doing that, but I realize now I was trying to do so AGAINST a direction I couldn’t move (the edge of the map). I henceforth feel stupid, and have added a video annotation.

      Just got another comment on YouTube from someone saying the game CAN be slowed down if you adjust the CPU cycles or use a slower CPU. Yeah, I wasn’t able to achieve this at all, at least not with any desirable effects, just a slower framerate with equally insane gameplay.

      Thanks man!

      • Gemini says:

        Don’t worry about it. This game is loaded with crazy things like that. Here’s another: If you want to rest without getting interrupted by enemies, make sure you’re resting on a floor that’s elevated above the normal floor height. Doesn’t matter where it is or what it’s supposed to be, if it’s higher than the normal floor height, it’s a safe resting spot. (Though enemies that are already spawned in can still find you.)

        As for slowing the game down, you basically have to drain the framerate to about 5 or less before the gameplay itself actually slows down too, by which point it’s practically unplayable from the framerate, rather than from the speed of the enemies, so essentially, you pick your poison. : P

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