Top 17 Games I Want To Talk About video is online

Friday, January 6th, 2012

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I have discovered an inherent problem with “top whatever” lists: they’re essentially flame-bait. Trolls just flock to these things because, for whatever reason, the idea of “opinion” doesn’t fly.

I’m putting a stop to this once and for all! This is the top 17 games that I want to talk about — at the very moment in time I created it. By now this list has totally changed, but whatever man. This is like a time capsule for my brain and nobody can refute it. Unless they’re Professor X.

Also, stick around after the list is done. More awaits that is perhaps a bit more predictable.


10 comments on “Top 17 Games I Want To Talk About video is online

  1. Xaromir says:

    I hate Skyrim so much by now, i wish i never bought it. Well, if you find racing games these days to serious you should check out TrackMania Nations Forever, it’s free on steam, and it’s the little brother of TM United Forever. It got only one car but it’s ludicrous when it comes to it’s tracks, it also comes with an easy and fun to use editor to make own tracks, which can be played online. Remember “stunts”? Just like that but better. Go and try it. Best money you never spend.

    • I can easily see how Skyrim could reach both ends of the spectrum for some… either love or hate. I found myself under love, so 😛

      And I’m a big fan of the TrackMania games, and have played TM:UF and Nations for several years now. I’m looking forward to trying out TM2:Canyon whenever I happen to grab a copy.

  2. Gemini says:

    Fury3. ; )

    Much to my surprise I’m not actually enjoying Skyrim as much as I thought I would and I think it’s because the immersion is not kicking in for me due to the bugs I’ve run into. Within my first 12 hours of gameplay it’s completely hung the system once, locked up but still able to recover once, and crashed to desktop once. Plus, the shadow mapping is really messed up and is causing flickering gradient lines on many of the textures. I’ve tried various solutions for this but none of them have been perfect, and turning the shadows off completely just looks wrong. :/

    Ah well, I’m sure there’ll be more patches to come.

    Oh yeah, and even though lots of people are doing top-whatever lists now, I’ve never made one for ADG. I just, kinda, don’t want to… >_>;

    • A sad Skyrim experience indeed. I’m happy I didn’t run into any awful bugs, just some weird shadow and texture issues. Those have since been resolved through patches for me, but I know a lot of people who have had far worse experiences. Bethesda games, it’s a freaking tradition whether we like it or not.

  3. Kevin Dady says:

    But why didn’t you talk about the games I wanted to hear about =P

    Skyrim really seems interesting, haven’t played it yet, but I am going though fallout3 GOTY, and even patched it dumps more than a dog that ate hot sauce (but not nearly as bad is it used to)

    I love their games but sometimes its just irritating

  4. […] people have asked for an opposing side to my Top 17 Best Games of 2011 list. I have no plans to make a video about this, but here is my list regardless. These are just the […]

  5. […] people have asked for an opposing side to my Top 17 Best Games of 2011 list. I have no plans to make a video about this, but here is my list regardless. These are just the […]

  6. Did you record your own footage for the video? If yes, than your more awesome than a thought before.

    • I mean, I know that you usually do, but if you did it for this list centric vid than you’re putting a hell of a lot effort in to it.

    • Yes, I record all my own footage for my lists normally. Going through each game to record footage just for a few seconds on a list is somewhat crazy, but I hate just using canned stuff.

      I think the only footage in this one that I used another source was Garfield: Caught In The Act: I couldn’t find my cartridge for the game.

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