Top 17 Most Disappointing Games of 2011

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Top 17 Most Disappointing Games of 2011

Several people have asked for an opposing side to my Top 17 Best Games of 2011 list. I have no plans to make a video about this, but here is my list regardless. These are just the games that didn’t live up to the hype, in my personal opinion. Not the most awful games ever made or anything, or even all BAD games, but definitely left me somewhat disappointed.

17. Assassin’s Creed Revelations
Boring characters, boring plot, boring locale. Not to mention a severe lack of any real “revelations”. It has its fun moments for sure, and wasn’t a bad game by any means, but it really paled in comparison to ACII and even Brotherhood.

16. LA Noire
Why is this game open world? Sure, it’s kinda cool but it’s a needless distraction. And why did Cole… never mind, spoilers. But that still annoys me, the guy seemed cool, but yeah, I’ve never felt betrayed by own character like that in a game. Still, it was a unique experience, and that’s why it’s not higher on the list.

15. Duke Nukem Forever
Ahh, DNF. Hated by many, loved by few. I enjoyed the game, really. But there was SO much to be desired! Two weapons? Ego? Dumb AI? Coming off to many as misogynistic instead of hedonistic? Argh. Not to mention broken multiplayer and console ports, at least for a good while after launch.

14. Test Drive Unlimited 2
This game was awesome! Then I had to move on to Hawaii, the same map as the previous game. I was done with that last game! Plus, the races that were left on Ibiza were all insanely stupid. Crazy lengthy and just not fun. My other complaints were addressed in patches.

13. Dead Space 2
It’s Dead Space. Again. Except now Isaac talks, yay. Cool levels and stuff, but… I’ve played this before. Hard to get excited over pizza when you just had some what seems like minutes ago.

12. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record
It’s Dead Rising 2. Again. Except now you play as Frank “Unlikeable” West. The gameplay is as fun as the first, and the new additions are swell, but it’s like Dead Space 2… I’ve played it all before. Let’s move on, please.

11. Saints Row The Third
What… happened? Sure this is a darned fun game, but compared to SR2 this one just falls flat. Lame story, lame “gangs”, lame city, lame characters, lame lack of as much customization. Get SR2 if you want a Saints Row game, then grab this one if you want giant purple dildo weapons.

10. Need For Speed: The Run
Need For Speed, yeah! Oh wait. The Run? As in, you have to get out of your car and run from the cops on foot. Quick time events, we all love those, right? Okay, so it does have some fantastic Michael Bay-esque action scenes and sort of a Cannonball Run vibe, but still. Give me a true Most Wanted 2 or Hot Pursuit: Not Suck.

9. Minecraft Pocket Edition (on anything but Xperia Play)
Yes, I know this is a super early release of the game and it’s going to feel unfinished, but WOW. I wasn’t prepared for the absolute uselessness of this. It is insanely grating to do anything with the touchscreen controls, and even then there’s nothing to do but place a few blocks. More content will come for free of course, but the bad controls on a crappy tiny screen make this a deal-breaker.

8. FEAR 3
Argh! What did they do to FEAR? Let’s see, take away the fear, drop in a cover mechanic and regen health, replace many of the moody business/city maps with generic blandness, and ramp the story up to incomprehensible stupid x11. At least the multiplayer was kinda fun.

7. Darkspore
Another game with the Maxis name attached to it. Another Spore game. Either one could get me excited. Then I figure out it’s a weak Diablo rip-off with purely uninspiring customization and story. Ah. Maybe not too bad if you’ve never played an action RPG before… but I have.

6. Bodycount
An arcade shooter, yay! By the creators of Black, yay! *plays the game, wants to throw up* Lame. Lame. LAME. Not worth my time to even describe how broken this game feels to play. I know the vibe they were going for, it almost feels like a first-person Smash TV in parts, but it doesn’t work.

5. Jurassic Park The Game
Telltale had just done Back To The Future justice, so I had hopes for this. It’s a bunch of quicktime events with a “meh” plot and dumb people running around getting eaten. People-eating it cool, sure. But seriously, I expect this kinda stuff from a cheap Sega CD game or something, but not in a game with this much potential and hype of a good studio behind it.

4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
I actually liked Black Ops, and the first Modern Warfare was sweet. But, uh… wow. I haven’t been this bored with a first-person shooter since number two on this list. What a bland game, this really could have been $15 DLC and it would have been acceptable. Can you tell I’m not a big fan of repackaging last year’s games for this year?

3. Dead Island
I knew that trailer was too good to be true. I did! I expected great things of the game anyway. What I got was a game that started off boring, got kind of interesting, then got boring again after about two hours. Not to mention irritating once you get to the sewers and such. Borderlands meets Dead Rising meets something sad and lonely. Could be a very cool premise, but please, for the next one, let people know what to expect at least a little bit? And make it not suck?

id Software, nooooooooooo! What happened, guys? I can appreciate trying new things, but wow. This is easily the game I tried the hardest to get into this year, but was simply punched in the balls the more I tried. Useless open world, plot that gets almost gets interesting then sucks, awful technical issues, and seriously broken questing. And no deathmatch? Really?!

1. Postal 3
This… this is amazingly bad. The only game on this list I’d say is true crap. It uses ancient Source Engine code, yet runs worse than any other game on my system. They took away everything about Postal 2 that made it cool and made it a linear, boring, broken, rather unfunny mess of an interactive software thing. I shouldn’t have expected much from RWS after they screwed up Postal 2 with Apocalypse Weekend and passed on the coding duties to some random Russian devs, but come on. How do you screw up Postal? Again?!

You may notice a few of these were also on my best of the year list. Yes. Like I said, I did enjoy some of these near the start of the list, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t feel a bit lacking. It’s possible to think something is good and still want a lot more out of the experience ๐Ÿ˜€


7 comments on “Top 17 Most Disappointing Games of 2011

  1. Rage had a butt ton of potential at E3 and I was super excited to get my hands on it when it was released and I was left just feeling…meh.

    Assassinโ€™s Creed Revelations was equally suck but I’m not what one would consider a fan of the series. I was expecting to be brought back into the fold and instead ended up selling the game 1/2 way through.

    • Rage’s potential really was measuring in the butt-tons. The incredible boringness of it drove me to, well, rage. id Software is one of my favorite developers, it’s just impressive how far they’ve fallen with both enjoyable game design and the PC crowd.

      And yeah, AC:R took me over a month to just get through. I was really hoping to see some awesome revelations to the insane story, but nope! Felt like a waste of time.

  2. Teague Ho says:

    I don’t agree with some of these but, Postal 3, my gawd Running With Scissors. Within the first 10 minutes you can tell this it’s one of the most poorly programmed pieces of shit to come out of the Source engine, considering the years they had to program it. The in-game camera, the constricting levels, the awkward controls, how poorly optimized it was. I did enjoy the movie for what it was though

  3. i liked dead space 2 for 2 main reasons,

    1. the game played the same, some people would see this as a bad thing but when you have a story to tell (with its branching games,movies,comic books) it would pull you out of the experience learning new controls or taking weird turns. It did have its differences,new locations,new weapons,very creepy new enemy’s, and a return to the ishimura was cool ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. it directly continues the story. you have to admit the story is awesome in this game, and that’s the main reason i played it, spooky environments with a RE4 overhead view..yea seen it before…moving on lol. What drew me in was the aliens/event horizon style story ๐Ÿ˜€

    ps. im glad im not the only one who hates the Assassins creed games lol. Talk about repetitive game play sheesh >_<

    pps(lol) im also a HUGE duke fan, DNF is mind numming fun, its classic duke in a well……..not so good game wrapping XD, its bad yes. was it gonna stop me from squeezing nostalgia and fun out of it?? HELLL FUCKING NO!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. LORD MJ says:

    I played P3 for 1 hour. Maybe I’m too early in the game to understand how bad the game is. I don’t know.

    The problem is that most guys at RWS are disappointed how the game came out. First and biggest mistake was switching it to a TPS.

    But, the game has received some nice comments, and I really hope that RWS will earn enough money to make P4 in the house. I think that people will buy and play P3 for better future of P4.

    On other games on your list I wont comment. There are some that I don’t agree with, but this list is personal. And I respect that.

  5. Gemini says:

    Most of the modern games I got last year were indie titles…

    …yeah… I think the only modern, non-indie titles I picked up were a couple PopCap games, Skyrim, Super Street Fighter IV AE and Sonic Generations. (The last of which has serious performance issues on my more-powerful-than-a-360 PC, WTF?)

    Super-real-looking games don’t generally appeal to me all that much because if I wanted that level of realism I’d just look out the window. XD

    I’m also rather frustrated with Minecraft since despite finally being out of beta, it’s still buggy, still feels incomplete, and the things they introduced like Enchanting and Potion Making aren’t any fun. :/

  6. CinderellaMan says:

    I agree with a lot of these. I was so pleased that at least one big release panned out as expected: Skyrim. I spent more hours playing Magic 2012 than Dead Island. Sad.

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