Lazy Game Reviews – Interview With Raven Rage

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Whoa, I’ve been interviewed! Watch the video above to find out things about me and LGR that you never knew you wanted to know… we talk about Maxis games, vintage computers, the new Commodore 64x, the origins of LGR, Duke Nukem, Skyrim, console ports, my collection, and lots more.

Seriously, this was a lot of fun to do. Although this was my first time in contact with him, Raven Rage seems like a cool dude and interviewing his YouTubers is a fun idea. So yeah, check it out and all that, it’s enlightening or something.


2 comments on “Lazy Game Reviews – Interview With Raven Rage

  1. Robert says:

    Pretty good interview. I found the questions about your origin and the process that goes behind your videos were the most insightful. Some of the questions he asked were already questions that were answered from your 100th Video Special, but I guess for the sake of first time interviews, it had to be asked.

    Glad to hear that fame and numbers don’t get to your head, although when you said you’ll keep making videos “til you get sick of it,” I was a bit disheartened; hard to imagine no more LGR!

    Not offense to the interviewer, but it was a bit awkward how his vulgarity clashed with your refined professionalism. Don’t know if you ever get praised for it, but you sound sophisticated and well-spoken compared to many other YouTubers out there; God knows YouTube needs more class.

    The rate your channel is going, more interviews might be in store for you in the future! Almost seems like a milestone when you think about it.

  2. Gemini says:

    Funny thing about the Saturn, it was technically much more powerful than the PS1… if the people programming for it knew how to properly take advantage of its dual-cpu nature and its reliance on rendering quads instead of triangles. Suffice to say, most programmers didn’t and thus most games that came out on both were inferior on the Saturn compared to their PS1 counterparts.

    Also, whoever designed the Saturn to store save games in VOLATILE memory with a battery life of only two years should be ashamed of themselves. My Dragon Warrior 2 NES cart is over 20 years old and STILL holds save data perfectly fine, much to my surprise. : O

    Speaking of computer classes too, I can relate to “teaching the class”, as I usually spent half of every class helping everyone else since I was already a self-taught programmer and could handle the things we were being taught several times faster than everyone else. ; D

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