Heard of Dear Esther? No? You have now.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

So I saw this was released today on Steam, decided to watch the above trailer… and immediately bought it for the cheap nine bucks and change.


The most melancholy, chilling, awesome experience I’ve had in a while. Not really a game (all you do is roam this island off the coast of Scotland for an hour) so much as it is a bizarre story that you sort of live through. But that in itself is so well-done and amazing if you let yourself “feel” it. This trailer captures the mood near-perfectly. Very artsy and ambiguous, so if you’re not into such things you might wanna give this a pass. But if you enjoy a great narrative with deep undertones in a fantastically made game world (not to mention amazing strings-heavy soundtracks) check this out!


7 comments on “Heard of Dear Esther? No? You have now.

  1. Jasper says:

    I also heard that not everyone is experiencing the same story. It leaves room for your own interpretation. “Players” kinda use their own imagination to somehow automatically fill in the blanks. (there are a lot of metaphors for example) Therefore, making it a surreal experience, somehow reflecting on yourself or something…

  2. LORD MJ says:

    Now isn’t this strange, because I downloaded this as a mod from ModDB.

    I didn’t play it much but I can see this is the same thing. So did the mod got converted in to an actual game?

    • Jasper says:

      Yes, it’s a remake of (an old) mod. I became quite popular back then ’cause it was so new and compelling. So now it’s a new (commercial) release with (of course) better graphics and sound!

  3. LORD MJ says:

    I got the game and I can’t wait to try it out.

    Did you try to play Visual Novels Clint? Those are quite fun games, if you like interacting stories with many choices.

    I recommend: “Jisei” (first VN I played), “Kansei”(if you like Jisei, get this one it’s a sequel), “Re: Alister++” (amazing and it’s free), “The Flower Shop” (you simply need to play this one, it’s awesome).

    There are many more different genre to choose from. Also Ren’Py, the language used to make this VNs is free, so you can make your own if you want.

    • I do enjoy the occasional visual novel. Especially the ones with multiple paths, it’s like a more visual choose your own adventure, but without all the excessive interaction of most games.

      • LORD MJ says:

        It’s kinda funny to me because I don’t read books that often.

        But VNs attract me when I want something different. I’m so in to VNs that I actually installed XP Mode yesterday, just to make one old VN to work.

        A fully voiced Sci-Fi VN with 24 endings. Hell yeah! It’s Bionic Heart, and I didn’t have time to try it out yet. Blame Skyrim. 🙂

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