EverDrive-MD Crimson Flash Cart review video online

Friday, February 17th, 2012

My review of the Crimson Edition of the EverDrive-MD flash memory cartridge, by Stone Age Gamer and KRIKzz.

Every Mega Drive, Master System, and 32x game playable through one cart? Pinch me, my geeky self must be dreaming! In all seriousness, this thing is freaking great. While I still prefer to have the the real cartridges, they’re just so darned costly and I’m running out of space. That and my focus is PC gaming, so the disposable income goes toward IBM-compatibles. I love cartridge-based retro gaming though, and these EverDrive options are great for someone who doesn’t want emulation but still wants to play tons of great games!


4 comments on “EverDrive-MD Crimson Flash Cart review video online

  1. Gemini says:

    Flash carts are also extremely useful for homebrew developers who want to make their own games for these systems since emulation doesn’t always ensure that you’ve written your game in such a way that it would work on real hardware.

    If not for the fact that I’ve latched onto hardware acceleration for my next game I’d probably still be looking into homebrew stuff, mostly for the 2600 and Colecovision. ; )

  2. whatever says:

    No blip.tv? That’s a shame, because it streams so much better than YouTube on my connection.

  3. Kevin Dady says:

    man thats slow to copy, wonder if its in the sd card interface, which he like all of us seems to be using spi cause its easy or the rom interface

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