Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD Test Results

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

I’ve been in the market for an HD video capture solution for a while now, but most of them were either too expensive or I’d heard not so great things about. But recently, the Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD (C127) has been getting some nice marks, and for $149.99 I figured it was worth a shot.

Above is a video from my Xbox 360 showing Red Dead Redemption. It was encoded as a 7000Kbps H.264 MP4 at 1080p, recorded via HDMI. It’s worth noting there are other Avermedia Game Capture devices, but this one seemed to be the better one since it was an actual PCI-e card and can record 1920×1080 progressive from HDMI. The actual quality looks a bit better than the video above, but yeah, it’s compressed so there you go. For a 60MB file, that’s not too bad of a trade-off.

The above is a test of some various PC resolutions. The Game Broadcaster comes with both VGA and HDMI ports, although it can also record from component through the VGA port with an adapter. Records PC gameplay at various resolutions quite well, tested from 640×480 to 1920×1080. Lower than that it tends to screw up, although curiously it records the BIOS post screen just fine. Forget CGA or EGA, since even when it almost works it barely records and the colors are jacked up.

Some minor complaints: the AVerMedia Center 3D software it comes with, while it does what it’s supposed to, is kind of annoying. The interface is clunky as balls and has a nasty habit of killing the recording if the resolution changes even for a second. An annoyance for doing PC capture work, which is one reason I got this. Also, it only records 1080p@30fps, which is okay enough for online video now, but in the future when 60fps is more prevalent that’ll be lame.

But otherwise, it’s an awesome little card and I’d totally recommend it. It looks fantastic when in “live” mode with not a crapton of lag, and the output is more than acceptable to me with a ton of codecs available to record to. Very nice purchase, and a huge upgrade from my crappy USB composite capture things. Haven’t tried to see if it can do composite video (like for older consoles), but I imagine it might with an RCA->VGA scaler. It’s also worth noting that it has worldwide video region support, so all you PAL/SECAM/whatever users should have no issue.


7 comments on “Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD Test Results

  1. gruz says:

    I haven’t kept up with the latest and greatest cards for a while now, but this thing can record straight up through VGA? If so, wow! I always feel so dirty recording footage from emulators. Glad to see we’re finally able to get our hands on neat hardware like this at a reasonable price. Video quality looks really nice, too.

    Now you’ve gotta try a live stream!

  2. Rosenkranz says:

    I am now faithful follower :D. By the way, link should be without another /lazygamereviews

    Maaan, can’t wait to watch Amiga games like k240 or something on the stream… Or spectrum and c64 games… Possibilities are endless!

  3. Elianda says:

    Well the manual states 1080p but then the card is actually only able to record at 30fps which is a bit of a disappointment. As for the VGA-In it seems that there is some kind of VGA to HDMI converter inside since only certain modes are supported. Already 720×400 at 70 Hz which is the common DOS resolution is flaky. My experience is, that it works only with some vga cards, with others it doesn’t gets a valid mode. Most of the custom modes do not work at all.
    I also noticed that it doesn’t seem to take care of VSync of the source. At least in the video footage I recorded it always looks as if VSync was switched off. (but it’s not)
    The software that comes with the card is really crap. I commonly use virtualdub.

  4. Vetz says:

    I’ve made a guide on how to capture below 640×480 resolutions and other unsupported refreshrates/resolutions on the GameBroadcaster HD. See link:

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